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    I'm trying Fluid Film for the first time this winter. Waxoyl is similar and I think is the one sold/used by Land Rover. Both are available in parts stores around here. The Land Rover stuff is available from Rovers North in VT also.
  2. Weren't those winches also used for yarders? I couldn't close the deal on a D4 cat with a 3 drum winch that had formerly been owned by Great Northern paper here in Maine quite a few years ago. I didn't know anything like that had been used here.
  3. My experience with an average rear blade is not enough weight to deal with compacted roads. Mine angles, tilts and extends all manually which is handy. Ok for spring cleanup as long as the road doesn't get too compacted. Also grades gravel some but no down pressure on 504 3 pt limits its usefulness. Needs chains to pull a blade full of wet material uphill even with loaded tires.
  4. And take PTO out of gear before hauling dump trailer under railroad bridge.
  5. Here's mine 1963 Int 504. Tried to rotate unsuccessfully. Most often used of my tractors.
  6. Some tractor pictures. 1963 D4d with Hyster sulky (arch), homemade tractor with 1947 Massey Harris Pony ready to load out for Vermont glad to see it go as if it stayed I would have spent money on it. People from Vermont were glad to get it. My 504
  7. Thanks. I presume unloaded and closed. Actually a 12 gauge that needs measuring.
  8. I sold a drill press to a friend years ago that had a reversing toggle switch that I showed him. I heard through the grapevine quite a while later that he was mad because he couldn't drill anything with the drillpress I sold him and obviously I screwed him. So I stopped by his place and flipped the switch when he wasn't looking then asked to try using it. I did show him the switch again after he raved for a while....
  9. Dumb question. Where is barrel length measured from? Rear of chamber or front of chamber? Or?
  10. Did it fold up from trying to lift too much or ramming into something with the loader??
  11. int 504


    The post vise Sledge is showing is an Indian Chief made by Colombus Forge and Iron as are Trenton anvils. They and Colombian used the cast steel anchor plates in later years. Sometimes the plates are marked as are the vises. I have one with a faint head and headdress on the top back of the movable jaw. None of that makes them work any better but it is interesting. I saw one of those Fisher vises at an auction but I stayed off it so a young man who had a Fisher anvil could get it.
  12. The Dodge appears to be 39 or 40 as later ones had more chrome strips on the bottom sides in front. That cab continued on civilian power wagon until 62 and later on the military WM 300. There were also civilian power wagons that used the regular cabs and noses and bodies. Any way that is going to have some value.
  13. Freeze frame? Don't think the loader will support that for long.
  14. When did the Dodge pilot house cab start? 47 or later?? That one looks pre war or 46 maybe.
  15. No. Off by 90*. Shingle hammer has a hatchet type blade.
  16. I drove an Autocar mixer with big flat head six gas White engine and a 5 and 3. had a Dodge flat six for the mixer. Very tough truck. Wasn't all that slow but you had to drive it. Was a 1953 if I remember correctly.
  17. That's an Elenco conversion. The front axle is from a WW 2 Dodge. handy with a loader or in the woods. They could be hard on front axles.
  18. mud season is also a sub season
  19. Looks like they both reach the ground.
  20. in Maine we have the fourth of July and winter
  21. -22 here this morning in Maine 12 or so miles from the ocean.
  22. Wooden sailing ships and timber framed buildings also. Perhaps a revival of sailing ships on the Great lakes???
  23. Those are called ship carpenters adzes around here. The ones with lips on the outside edges are the most sought after. Don't use the pin for a pry bar. Another thing I thought of regarding the wrenches is to suggest you check out a web site called Alloy Artifacts. Tremendous amount of info on U.S. toll makers of sockets and wrenches mostly. P & C was started by two blacksmiths. maybe somebody could make a link to it.
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