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    Project TYR

    On the phone?
  2. I wonder if the valve cover is made out of the same stuff they made the electric wire insulation out of?
  3. Mice,rats, squirrels same problem.
  4. Thanks for that I feel better about mine now. It looks very similar to yours.
  5. Is there anything that holds the pin in the tube other than rust? If you could get a replacement pin maybe weld a big nut to it and try to turn with a big air wrench.
  6. Alternative is really solid support under the axle housing, weed burner for heat, sacrificial pin just under the diameter of the king pin with a piece of rod welded to it for a handle and a big hammer 12lbs minimum and somebody who is used to swinging one really hard. This method takes two people or three perhaps. Many years ago I worked with some men who were in their 60's that had started in the quarries at 13 or so breaking rocks with a hammer. I've never seen anyone since who could swing a sledge like they could.
  7. I had a customer years ago who asked me to replace the head gasket on his Datsun. I asked why he wanted it replaced and he said "I figured if I replaced the head gasket it would keep the rest of them in line and I wouldn't have problems."
  8. Probably similar to a job and old friends son got or so she told me. It was in Quincy shoveling sh#t against the tide.
  9. Check the wires into and out of the ignition switch. Wiggle them around with a test light hooked up and see what happens.
  10. Sandblast and then plate perhaps.
  11. Get head checked for cracks.
  12. Looks good. Glad you are back and sorry for ST's loss. What a bunch of dicks regarding the air fare.
  13. That looks like a 59 or 60 Ford in the back of the truck picture.
  14. A lot of phone bids?? I asked who the other bidder was at a factory auction and apparently he/she must have left the building..... they had to start over. Price was very good.
  15. Do they have the really long spikes like they use in Europe? They race motorcycles with those over there also.
  16. I remember the v4 Saabs would freewheel and had a lock out that was necessary in the winter. I thought the 2 strokes did also but I may be wrong on them. I remember the two stokes ignition would make all the TV pictures in the neighborhood roll over and over when one was running nearby.
  17. int 504

    Great Day!

    The 261 is slightly under 62cc sold as 62cc saw. has 34mm stroke. The 362 is slightly over 62cc sold as 62cc saw has 36 mm stroke. The 261 is largest displacement on smaller chassis. The 362 is smallest displacement on next larger chassis. So two different ways to get 62 cc. I prefer the 261,262 saws and then the 372 on the next chassis.
  18. A gone but not forgotten road commissioner who was a great friend of mine referred to the road grading that you described on your road as a "hog trough". He eventually bought a grader so he didn't have to suffer from some contractor's attempts at road grading. There was a good one whose only need was a six pack at noon time.
  19. int 504


    Known as pipe fitter's vise. late 1800's early 1900's. IIRC have seen a few different brands.
  20. An old friend of mine always went on "fast time". Provided some amusing stories when someone asked him for the time...
  21. Could it be too many oil jets for the size of the pump? maybe check a parts book for an engine with 12 jets and see what pump it uses? I'm just guessing but each jet is in effect a leak.
  22. I've bought a few China carbs. They have needed some minor tweaking as yours did but have worked ok. Mostly light occasional use stuff.
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