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  1. Load lighter and go more often? Kind of defeats the purpose of more axles. have some consideration for your wife driving some woefully underpowered POS. An old friend of mine told this story of the 50's or 60's. He worked for a local company hauling anything and everything otr. Single axle tractors. They sent him to Pennsylvania for a load of steel. Was loaded heavy as usual. He made back within 15 or so miles of the factory where there were two steep hills with a bridge over a stream inbetween. Ran as hard as he dared going down the first hill but he missed  a shift going up the second. Got it stopped but not enough power to start the load so he backed down and as far back up the other hill as he could. This was a fairly major two lane road.... Repeated this performance 3 times and got less distance up the hill each time. Parked tractor and trailer on side of road. State police found him and the tractor wouldn't pull up onto scale due to lack of power. They called owner who sent another tractor to pull in tandem. Owner said fine wasn't all that much and sent him for another load. He said he made sure not to stop where it wasn't flat and never missed any more shifts.

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  2. 13 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Quite a while I would reckon. That looks like the little portable chargers, plug into a 15a outlet. IIRC the write up on the hummer EV said something like 7 days with that, 12 hours on the stage 2 charger (40a) and 2 hours on a fast charger. I expect the Lightning would be similar. I will go out on a limb and say that was a staged photo, but not so far from reality. The GMP electric line truck has a diesel pickup towing a diesel generator around behind it as a tender to follow it around during storms or when it has to go out after hours and isn’t fully charged. 

    Doesn't have power enough to tow the generator??

  3. 3 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    Looks like a shingle hammer for cedar shingles.

    You split the shingle to size as needed.

    It finally came to me-that's a cobblers hammer. First one I've ever seen with a nail pulling slot.

  4. When did "Buy clean fuel keep it clean" start and end? I have 1945 Farmall, 1963 Int and Cat with it and a 62 Farmall with pressure/ remove slowly. Did it start during WW 2?

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  5. An elderly fiend of mine used to remove the tags from his vehicles so  he could take them with him anyplace he might need the number. The registry of motor vehicles was the most entertaining...

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  6. I have a 1945 with starter. Came in a take em all type deal so no exact $. It doesn't do a lot but I really like it. I'm sort of looking for a sickle bar mower and some cultivators for it. It's an improvement on the Jeep for pulling the firewood trailer and the wood splitter as visibility is better and more maneuverable than a 47 Jeep. I don't think I've seen one that runs advertised around here for less than 2k up to 3.5k for a really nice one particularly a Super A. Most had starters. Kept under cover is a plus.

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