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  1. A V12 Allison in an airplane was 1200 hp or so?? That's why they went with the Merlin in the P51 maybe 1800 hp eventually or 2000?? Seems short of 3000 per maybe turned up??
  2. over with corned beef hash or with bacon and baked beans.
  3. Trying to push tree over with bucket. Might be better to cut with saw.
  4. int 504


    Here is the photo of the 200lb post vise. I finally got out to where it is as I needed to get something for the antique truck and tractor show this weekend at the Owls Head transportation museum. The weight doesn't include the stand. I haven't weighed the whole thing. The weight is just shy of 200 as my homemade lower leg is a length that suits me rather than an exact duplicate of the missing original. Jaws are just under 8" wide.
  5. My 113 is on top of valve cover-crankcase breather and oil fill. My 153 fills through the dip stick tube.
  6. I had a 1960 3/4T Chevy 2wd pickup that was over 4000. I'd guess around 6000 for a 1 1/2 T with the body. My 3500 HD with 12' flat bed is close to 9000 empty.
  7. I was thinking that crocs might work for those pintle hitch shims to relieve the banging from mismatched pintles and lunettes.
  8. You should be able to match or cross reference the number on the old seal either online or at bearing supply or a good parts store if there are any left near you. E Bay has a lot of NOS parts listed.
  9. My 1994 3500 HD has 10 bolt rears with 5 bolt fronts. 15000 gvw disc brakes all around. 19.5 wheels Scaled over 16 didn't bother it at all. Those brake parts may be difficult to find.
  10. 13,500 or 15,500, or 17,500 lb. GM also known as corporate. Way too heavy for a C30. Could be a marriage?
  11. Mining company i worked for in the early 70's had a Bucyrus Erie 54B cable shovel and a Koehring Scooper which was a hydraulic shovel. The Koehring was fast but not as durable as the 54B. It still had the old style tracks, by 77 I was working for a construction company and it was all hydraulic excavators with hydraulic drive tracks. had Link Belts which were German 5000 psi systems and a Drott with 12v71 that had to be hauled in pieces took a 50 ton lo bed and a flat bed semi to move it.
  12. On the fuel use isn't the 100 a flat head and the rest overhead valve?
  13. I bought a 99 Prizm (Corolla) in 2000 w 12k and ran it until last May. over 250k nothing serious ever. Did the maintenance on schedule. Still running good just tired of patching it. over 33 mpg. Totally reliable.
  14. They have switched to the more aggressive calcium chloride applied as a liquid around here. The DOT "treats" the roads with "calcium" according to their mouthpiece. It's a treat alright. Also the steel is all some form of remelt that contains who knows what.
  15. I've known a few women who qualify as an "attractive nuisance".
  16. BSA had a 650cc Hornet off road racer in the 60's. There was at least one US aircraft carrier named Hornet in WW ll.
  17. In regard to the bolts they are basically pins so they probably don't need a lot of torque. I would use nylock nuts and just change the nuts when they didn't resist enough. More height will increase leverage on truck. Those small adjustable bolt on pintles may not have the weight rating for a 12T trailer.
  18. I'm not sure about the splines but the bolt pattern only lines up in one place AFAIK.
  19. int 504


    Upon closer inspection of my vise the 20 is the most visible part of 1920 which would be a logical date of manufacture. We used to call these post vises years ago. A large post was set in the ground in the blacksmith shop. The anchor plate went on the top of the post and the bottom of the leg was attached to the post with a large staple the eye of which fit around the lower leg under the flange. I have only seen one set up like this but the elderly man who was selling it assured me it had always been that way. I still have that vise somewhere and the staple hopefully will be with it. I'll get some pictures at some point. The vise was heavy and large but that's all I remember about it. I bought a caulking vise at the same time that is probably keeping the other one company.
  20. int 504


    Those numbers are possibly the weights of the vises.
  21. A long gone older friend of mine said in regard to mechanical brakes "the harder you push the faster you go". He was from northern N.H.
  22. That looks like two sticks up out of the floor. Funny way to shift an auto trans.
  23. In Maine many towns have discontinued maintenance on parts of some town roads or all of some roads. Usually no one lives on these. It takes a vote of the townspeople to resume maintenance or to accept a road as a town road. Sometimes it's just winter maintenance that is discontinued. This can cause a lot of problems when someone builds on one of them.
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