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    BD240 ?

    They used to have really big numbers in bottom of pan. Readable from outside. I think I see them in the front end of your pan. Should be 220,240 etc.
  2. road limit in maine is 100,000 nowadays
  3. The old 15 speed was good for what you are talking about. Just use the deep reduction for off road/soft etc. and the regular 10 sp would handle the rest. Ancient history alert. A 5 and a 3 worked the same way.
  4. Reds on red. Used the 2077 today sitting on my S1900 that was formerly a water tanker.
  5. Going from 24.5 to 22.5 will slow it down, effectively giving you a higher numerical axle.
  6. int 504


    We use forked limbs as props for peaches.
  7. I think a lot of the lead issue was caused by lead in public water supplies in cities that they didn't test for or want to admit because of the cost of remediation/responsibility. So since that didn't exist they came up with eating paint, etc. I'm not saying that sanding lead containing paint and the associated dust is not bad for you. It is. Children are more vulnerable and I think being overly cautious about exposing them is a good idea. Sadly a lot of the "science" out there hasn't been very thorough and this sloppiness or misuse for a cause has destroyed my confidence in a large percentage of what is out there.
  8. Another reason to avoid fast food chain food.
  9. I have two. A 2077 that I have had for a number of years which was "only used on Sunday to cut firewood". The fellow forgot to mention what they did with it on the other days....It didn't take all that much to get in shape and it was my favorite heavy saw for years and still is right there with the other big saw. Last summer i bought a 670 Super 2 mainly for the 25" Stihl bar on it. It was very dirty but cleaned up to look like new and didn't take a lot to get running. A couple of ignition issues which I think meant it didn't get used much. Once running it will take a full bar of oak or maple and just howl right through it. So I really like my Jonsereds. Mine are a little newer than yours. the 670 is 99 or 2000 and the other I don't remember.
  10. Good for you on the not yelling it definitely wouldn't have done any good.
  11. That could have been a lot worse. Glad it wasn't.
  12. You also should check the 12,000 lb. pull. Pto winches are rated at dead lift on bare drum. Electric winches are often rated for a rolling load on a bare drum.
  13. What are the cheapest colors?
  14. I have a couple of the farm machinery books. Lots of information in them.
  15. I had a dodge hemi 271 that came stock with a dual point. They are make and break if I remember correctly. One set makes the circuit and one set breaks it. Definitely cool. just like any points ignition just a little more complicated. My Dodge was a 55? and Motors manual for that era had how to set,test etc. The Dodge was probably Autolite.
  16. I also recommend Cat. I also have good luck with Lawson products which may be at the heavy truck place. Check the other 3 to make sure what they are: size, thread, nut (deep nut?),washers. maybe hole is metric or worn loose.
  17. We would swing them out where it wasn't easy/possible to get under them and the cabs were locked.
  18. We used to pick the portable welders up with the crane overnight and for the weekend. Leads too.
  19. I had the misfortune to drive a Ford 8000 with an 1160? Cat and a 5 and a 4. Was worse than one with a 6-71. Shift constantly. An Int 501 gas was better but not by much. The Macks were better especially the MaxiDyne.
  20. We have ironwood (hop hornbeam) and locust. Cutting these in low light you can see sparks even in winter when the wood only contacts snow. Some rock maple is pretty tough especially the ones with old cast iron spouts buried inside.
  21. Sounds like they should have let the Cajuns search the field. A dog or two would have helped.
  22. Rambler maybe for the car.
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