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  1. An elderly neighbor couple who farmed wanted to get a barn cat from shelter. Would live in barn with their one milk cow, get milk at milking time, food , checked by vet etc.

    The shelter denied adoption because they didn't think it would get "love". They do lie about dogs previous behavior. Told us dog had no issues. Found out later it was a known runner and chaser of deer.

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  2. I was mechanic on a pipe job years ago when an over enthusiastic operator manged to drown a 5800 Link Belt in the Androscoggin River. This was a memorable occasion that fortunately did not result in any deaths or injuries even though the operator did not know how to swim. I can still see him sitting on top of the house waiting for the boat the company safety director didn't have.

  3. Friend drove a truck mounted snow blower that had a 4 cyl Climax that powered the blower. Town got the bright idea to have him leave the airport and clear the road out to the dump. So he went out and back happy as a clam. Upon arriving back at the airport the manager came out and said the town manager called upset about all the broken windows in houses along the road. Apparently the thing would fling beer bottles that were in the snow like bullets some of which went through a few house windows. He didn't leave the airport again.

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  4. That's not uncommon for a saw that hasn't been run for a long time. Sometimes once you get one of those going and use it more frequently it works as it should. Worth a try as long as it doesn't scream out lean. If it exhibits lean symptoms you can't correct with the screws-STOP and go to your initial plan of compression test and replace rubber stuff. 

  5. I had a 365. It was a good powerful saw. Not XP so less expensive. Some of the later ones were 72 cc. I can't really recall how many motorcycles I encountered that were running until somebody took them apart for no good reason.... I would put some fresh gas and oil in it and fire it up and try it on some wood before I did anything else to it.

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  6. I use a Lisle for 3/8 and up. Accurate sharpening is essential for an accurate hole which requires finishing with a reamer. I have some other ones including drill doctor which haven't been all that good but they are used and probably need attention.

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