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  1. The salt they are using here has changed to far more corrosive variants than what we used years ago. The quantity and frequency of use has also escalated. Talking rural Maine but the type of salt(s) and increase in usage is everywhere it's used as far as I know.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Ihfan4life said:

    The newest dumbest idea to be floated around. 90 % of the time the truck isn’t the problem. What do you think is going to happen when trucks are limited to 55-65 yet cars will go around them at 75-85 consistently? 

    Are they going to have truck only lanes? Are they going to regulate the trucks to only run off hours because these idiot car drivers can’t see a truck? 
    Do you think there’s supply chain issues now?

    The only thing this will do is exasperate the driver shortages by continuing to over regulate the drivers, further limiting the hours of service, escalating trucking costs wether you’re an independent driver or a fleet driver, most likely forcing independent drivers out of the industry.

    More unnecessary burdensome regulations from big brother. 
    Just wait until these trucks are replaced by remote controlled electric trucks. Essentially drones controlled by someone removed from the truck remotely operating a fleet of trucks from a central location. Not capable of operating in winter road conditions. You think driver reaction times suck now…

    Probably have computerized crash avoidance that may not work well on winter roads. Can you say more salt?

  3. Old Cat 14 grader I was around pony started from in the cab. Had a pony start D7 that some idiot got headed down a too steep slope sideways. He turned it and got it stopped but then he shut it off. Too steep for gas to feed from pony tank. I pulled it up over with D8 that didn't even know it was there. Government man was upset about the tracks across the road. Drove brand new grousers full depth through the pavement. Took care of people speeding through the job site.

  4. I have one a little larger. Use glass beads in it. Black beauty outside with pressure blaster. Very handy. Mine is hooked up to dust collector which was oversize so had to be throttled. Beads turn to dust and also get sucked into dust collector. Sifting is good but not out of dust collector. DAHIK

  5. That should go fairly decent compared to earlier versions. Should be 60 hp. Mine was 40 hp until it received a larger engine with header exhaust. Not like a modern car of course. Compare distributor access to Chevy v8.  Mine was a  64 convertible. Yours should be 12 volt. We sometimes had 4 adults in it and it also hauled my Miller portable. Top down, insert welder, top up and drive. 

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