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  1. A 427 Chevy was ok in ten wheeler with a 5 and 4 a 366 not so much. The flatter the terrain the better as always.
  2. Is that an id plate on the drivers side valve cover? partially covered by gunk
  3. Doesn't have power enough to tow the generator??
  4. It finally came to me-that's a cobblers hammer. First one I've ever seen with a nail pulling slot.
  5. Shingling and lathing hatchets look like hatchets with a hammer head. My guess on that one would be for boxes or shipping crates etc.
  6. When did "Buy clean fuel keep it clean" start and end? I have 1945 Farmall, 1963 Int and Cat with it and a 62 Farmall with pressure/ remove slowly. Did it start during WW 2?
  7. Was the planetary steering-2 speed- the forerunner of the TA?
  8. Cat dozer fans push out. optional reversible fan.
  9. Squeaky stairs late at night.
  10. have piston at TDC with valves closed when drilling/tapping
  11. load test the batteries and then check system voltage with a meter. Good advise above but i always start with a load test of the batteries. Some parts places will do it for you for free.
  12. I like the oil burning causing preignition but I really want to say Chinesium plugs.
  13. An elderly fiend of mine used to remove the tags from his vehicles so he could take them with him anyplace he might need the number. The registry of motor vehicles was the most entertaining...
  14. I think the excess slop, banging around, etc. comes from mismatched pintles and rings. If you have a big heavy trailer and you are pulling it with a pickup sized pintle hitch it's going to be sloppy.
  15. Check rear spring bushings and shackles.
  16. I have a 1945 with starter. Came in a take em all type deal so no exact $. It doesn't do a lot but I really like it. I'm sort of looking for a sickle bar mower and some cultivators for it. It's an improvement on the Jeep for pulling the firewood trailer and the wood splitter as visibility is better and more maneuverable than a 47 Jeep. I don't think I've seen one that runs advertised around here for less than 2k up to 3.5k for a really nice one particularly a Super A. Most had starters. Kept under cover is a plus.
  17. I'm sorry to say the best parts support for older dozers is for Cat.
  18. Those 64th sizes were close enough for some British or metric sizes. I needed some of them on Model A Ford engine and perhaps elsewhere on them. Rod and main bearing nuts were 64ths sizes.
  19. Take the small hopper off the top to reduce the height.
  20. int 504


    Maine has a law requiring all veterans graves be maintained, mowed marked with flag etc.
  21. aircraft grade Permatex is persistent and spreads like never seize
  22. int 504

    GM Strike

    We have a 100k here and it is destroying the secondary roads. The state can't keep up with the rate of deterioration on their roads either. Going from 80k to 100k didn't do the roads much good and I don't think it's going to save the paper mills.
  23. If it was still flying why did the pilot bail out? Seems like someone would have noticed when it crashed. Radar??? In the ocean???
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