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  1. I think if trailer gross is over 10K it's cdl period. Class a I think. Also on trailer gross some weight is on hitch therefore on towing vehicle so it takes more than plate number to overload trailer.
  2. Years ago we were told not to use greaseable if they wouldn't get greased. Same with nylon versus bronze bushings. Nylon better for no grease users.
  3. Some have them in an end cap for access. The "lifetime lubricated" last quite a while. Spraying the outside would help with corrosion but wouldn't really lube the needles. Grease fitting location can affect the strength of the joint.
  4. I have an 82 ex water truck, etc. Mine has budd wheels, 466 and Alison. 12 frt 21 rear. Not a power house but probably better than 3208.
  5. Maybe they can get some crocs next pay check. I wonder if that's where all the radioactive metal from Chernobyl went?
  6. Wack with sledge in center. Small like 1/4" cold chisel driven in gap of cone then try to turn and repeat as necessary. I worked with a man who had started breaking limestone with a hammer in a quarry when he was 12 or so. I've never seen anyone else who could swing one as hard and accurately as he could.
  7. An elderly friend of mine always said "neither borrow nor lend".
  8. Left and right may be different. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Number of bolts in flange, straight or 2 speed, Axle code from line setting ticket or maybe id plate. GVW or rating of rear end. You may have to pull both and pig to get piece(s) out. Also length, diameter and number of splines to match up.
  9. I have quite a bit on a wide variety of things. Some I purchased at swap meets, estate sales. auctions and so forth. Used book stores and antique shops used to be good. I have also obtained single items I needed from E bay. It is handy to be able to look up things but the internet has a lot of info now-not always accurate unfortunately.
  10. Anvil looks like a Hay Budden to me. I also like the press as I have a similar one. Any other guesses on the anvil? My press is a Manley, that one might be also.
  11. To Vt fireman what was the solution to your recent 6.5 problem?
  12. The salt they are using here has changed to far more corrosive variants than what we used years ago. The quantity and frequency of use has also escalated. Talking rural Maine but the type of salt(s) and increase in usage is everywhere it's used as far as I know.
  13. I have centers available from a Farmall 504. I don't know if they would work on your 450. It has 38" wheels.
  14. Probably have computerized crash avoidance that may not work well on winter roads. Can you say more salt?
  15. Old Cat 14 grader I was around pony started from in the cab. Had a pony start D7 that some idiot got headed down a too steep slope sideways. He turned it and got it stopped but then he shut it off. Too steep for gas to feed from pony tank. I pulled it up over with D8 that didn't even know it was there. Government man was upset about the tracks across the road. Drove brand new grousers full depth through the pavement. Took care of people speeding through the job site.
  16. Went to a yard sale recently advertised as a moving sale. I asked them where they were going and they said back to Vermont. I looked around saw a Prius with Vt plates. Everything they had was "high end" right down to the made in China stickers. I didn't find anything to buy.
  17. I would say that 24v is better than 12v. Don't know about the 42 vs 39.
  18. The range figures are impacted by such things as heat and air conditioning use. Also towing or loaded versus empty for trucks and probably cars.
  19. Brought to us by the same people who believed oxy wasn't addictive.
  20. Not necessarily hot. 340 6 pack was a Dart option.
  21. Helen Waite is our credit manager. If you need credit you can just go to her.
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