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  1. Not thick enough to take any off and can mess up geometry of clutch release apparatus. I did a Wrangler clutch for a family member a few years ago. The machine shop resurfaced on rotary broach and we shimmed back to original position. Still working good but a replacement stock grade wheel might have been less $$$ or not much more.  They can also be done on brake lathes but I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that as I don't know about accuracy. If you are talking aftermarket hi po parts then this advice may not apply.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, brahamfireman said:


    Not all accidents involve hitting another vehicle. Crumple zones protect the occupants of the vehicle from the sudden change in speed a vehicle experiences in a crash.

    I agree on a front crumple zone but I have seen numerous accidents where a car ran into the rear of a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. The car was demolished and the truck and occupant(s) drove away. With belts in use of course.  

  3. I have used a on/off electric water heater for s sink for many years. I'm currently on my third one. The rise/gallons thing is anb issue that I work around with a ball valve to adjust the output flow. Full on in the warm weather reduce flow to maintain temp when cold. You may find a gas or fuel oil better suits your needs. 

  4. The John Deere had a diverter valve which transferred hyd pressure from the rockshaft to the hyd cylinder hooked to the upper arm linkage on the hitch mimicking a 3 pt and rotating the implement and maintaining constant draft and traction according to their advertising. A 3 pt with draft control seems simpler. Draft control on my 504 works.

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  5. Electric winches are like electric anything. Watch out for duty cycle at full load. They are also rated for pulling a rolling load versus pto type which are rated at dead lift and are also 100% duty cycle. I pulled a lot of things with come a longs when I was younger. Was very happy when I got a military 4x4 with pto winch.

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  6. Additionally an engineer friend of mine told me that solar panels do not produce enough energy over their lifetime to equal their total embedded cost. So each one is a net loser energy/carbon wise.

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  7. On 1/10/2023 at 3:52 AM, mike newman said:

    Tut tut Ray....oh you are so out of touch with reality...sigh.....thinking that the rain may have caused the flooding....I used to think like that  also...  but celebrities   such as Greta  Stormberg    or whatever that   creatures name is...plus the accumulated wisdom  of our respective leaders .....and screaming school kids,....all  in their unfailing endeavor to   keep us   ever vigilant   ...and forever poor....in the  battle of the ages....climate change.......have convinced me that the world indeed has lost the plot

    Considering  most of our illustrious leaders....would possibly fail even to organize an exchange of body fluids in  the local whore house...(the paper work, you know.....)..it is even more ludicrous to think that those bunch of  two bit excrement kickers  could have influence over the global climate..


    The saying around here is could f-ck up a whore's picnic.

  8. Piece of 1" or so steel with four hardened pins pressed or welded in to fit the four holes in the nut and a big nut welded in the center of it. Center pivot bearing nuts on loaders were torqued to 1 or 2000 depending on size of loader. 1" drive with long pipe and two of us on it in the field. Geared torque multiplier in the shop with torque wrench driving.

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