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  1. How do you prepare the thieves for use in the diffuser?
  2. Husky design is similar. They use a o ring at end of bushing.
  3. I remember when it was physically impossible to put $3 worth in a VW Beetle. Making $4/hr welding in a factory.
  4. As far as welding stainless goes, it can be done with a dc welder and the correct rods. No shielding gas required.
  5. Steel is not so great for motorcycles.
  6. You might like the British manufacturer King Dick. I vaguely remember some sort of comments about their tools in association with Land Rovers and other British vehicles and motorcyles.
  7. Whitworth or british standard are sized according to the diameter of the bolt shank. Bolt heads are often one size and the nuts one size bigger. Machinery hand book may have decimal sizes for them. As previously mentioned British vehicles and motorcycles changed gradually some bikes in mid seventies still had some Brit sizes. Threads are a different shape as well as different thread count. CEI (cycle engineers institute) threads were used on Brit bikes in addition to the British standard and whitworth. British pipe threads are also different from ours.
  8. I recently did a clutch on a 575 XP that looked about the same. Got it clean enough and called it good.
  9. I have a 94. It would need bleeding at the injectors when it died. I used to just do the drivers side do to access and I was usually on the side of the road. The oil pressure switch failed more than once but if your pump is running that may be ok. Loosen lines and turn over with starter. Two people would be handy. I usually got my fire extinguisher out ahead of time. I never needed it but was risky with a hot engine. Mine is sitting in yard do to fail to start and a reluctance to spend $$$ on it. Hope things work out better for you.
  10. Another thing-check the diameters of the wheel cylinders. I recently found two different diameter cylinders on the front of an IH. The casting numbers were correct.
  11. Screws and nuts were common method of installing replacement linings for use in the absence of a riveting machine. Just can the self adjusters and adjust manually. Use never seize on adjuster threads. You won't have to adjust very often given your annual mileage. Did some like that on a 64 GMC last year.
  12. These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me Brothers in Arms Marc Knopfler
  13. Four barrel was usually on 501.
  14. Walk along the river Sweet lullaby Blue Sky by The Allman Brothers Band There's the original with Duane and a great version recorded in Germany in 1991
  15. They used to have paper gaskets but now it's silicone. I like the grey stuff for those.
  16. If I understand your situation correctly it seems that you should be paid to do what you previously did for free if you choose to do so when asked. After all,you are now a resident of a different town.
  17. They make regular batteries with threaded posts. Commonly used in boats. Some have center position posts or studs.
  18. According to what I've read and a conversation with an engineer friend solar panels are net losers on the carbon equation. The cradle to grave carbon to manufacture, install, operate and dispose of (recycle?) a solar panel exceeds the carbon value of the energy it produces during its lifetime. Thus every solar panel installed makes climate change worse not better. This is starting with the minerals in the ground and those costs.
  19. Big vise on one end clamp other end in power pipe threader. Threader will walk towards vise as it twists. works easier hot.
  20. My mother died in 2002. She still gets calls here every time there is an election.... Perhaps she is still voting.
  21. The 504 has 14" 38's 15.5 tires. the axles are 2 3/4" diameter. 14" was by eyeball with tape. sure about 38 and I saw 5.5 so probably 15.5 tires. Tires aren't loaded so probably never were? holding air. Rims have some damage from encounters with rocks ?? not serious can send or post photos if any interest.
  22. People on the coast say that Appleton is beyond Hope.
  23. I know quite a few of the Gushees but Dave isn't one of the ones I know.
  24. Drove one with the 5th forward pattern that went with the 2 spd 4L 5L 4H 5H.
  25. I'm in Appleton which is next to Union. I don't know the axle dia. off hand as far as using the centers goes. Anyone know the sizes for H and M?
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