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  1. If there was no threat to a person how do they justify the shots fired? I thought protecting just property with gunfire was a no no. I'm mostly disgusted that they fired and missed.
  2. Mine has interchangeable nozzles that go in the end of the wand. cold water gas engine can't remember pressure
  3. How does that compare to half wit? is it 4 times more ?
  4. I've gotten so annoyed with parts counter people ignoring the people standing in front of them that I've gone outside and called them on the phone and then gone in and picked up my part while all the same people are still standing there waiting. I also changed parts places.
  5. Did they come over from Tupper?
  6. Scammel Pioneer the much loved British prime mover of WW2. Britain also used diesel powered Diamond T 6x4 from U.S.
  7. If you don't need the extra coupler maybe you could split it with a grinder or cutting wheel and take it off in two pieces.
  8. Losing a Johnson Woolen Mills jacket is indeed a tragedy. Hopefully it is just somewhere you haven't looked yet.
  9. I've gotten transport plates to move vehicles from Ct to Me. Location to location only, no cargo need proof of insurance not much money. A breakdown could be expensive with a heavy truck...
  10. If you have to ask you don't want to know.
  11. What is orange and sleeps six??? State truck
  12. Load lighter and go more often? Kind of defeats the purpose of more axles. have some consideration for your wife driving some woefully underpowered POS. An old friend of mine told this story of the 50's or 60's. He worked for a local company hauling anything and everything otr. Single axle tractors. They sent him to Pennsylvania for a load of steel. Was loaded heavy as usual. He made back within 15 or so miles of the factory where there were two steep hills with a bridge over a stream inbetween. Ran as hard as he dared going down the first hill but he missed a shift going up the second. Got it stopped but not enough power to start the load so he backed down and as far back up the other hill as he could. This was a fairly major two lane road.... Repeated this performance 3 times and got less distance up the hill each time. Parked tractor and trailer on side of road. State police found him and the tractor wouldn't pull up onto scale due to lack of power. They called owner who sent another tractor to pull in tandem. Owner said fine wasn't all that much and sent him for another load. He said he made sure not to stop where it wasn't flat and never missed any more shifts.
  13. A 427 Chevy was ok in ten wheeler with a 5 and 4 a 366 not so much. The flatter the terrain the better as always.
  14. Is that an id plate on the drivers side valve cover? partially covered by gunk
  15. Doesn't have power enough to tow the generator??
  16. It finally came to me-that's a cobblers hammer. First one I've ever seen with a nail pulling slot.
  17. Shingling and lathing hatchets look like hatchets with a hammer head. My guess on that one would be for boxes or shipping crates etc.
  18. When did "Buy clean fuel keep it clean" start and end? I have 1945 Farmall, 1963 Int and Cat with it and a 62 Farmall with pressure/ remove slowly. Did it start during WW 2?
  19. Was the planetary steering-2 speed- the forerunner of the TA?
  20. Cat dozer fans push out. optional reversible fan.
  21. Squeaky stairs late at night.
  22. have piston at TDC with valves closed when drilling/tapping
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