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  1. "It ran good a while back" Nobody within a 100 miles can remember when it ran
  2. 200 6 out of mustang. Took a lot of modification to tinwork. Its been a reliable and extremely hard working unit since 76 or so. It bolts up to trans and clutch splines were the same. had to shorten input shaft. Everything else had to be fabbed or modified. Significantly lighter than the flat head 4. I wouldn't recommend for on road, a v6 or v8 would be easier.
  3. I still have a 47 Jeep I put a 6 cyl. Ford in. Off road only. Doing some updates on it now. Son learned to drive with it in woods hauling out 4 foot wood.
  4. Trailer photo guy probably dropped it to get tire fixed on rear of minivan he was pulling it with.
  5. We have and use the old cast iron. Griswold is our favorite. I think the older close grained cast is better. The newer stuff is a lot heavier-iron perhaps not quite as good so they have to use more of it. Beware the coated non stick stuff. PFA's in it. Maine is discovering a lot of contaminated ground do to the spreading of sewage sludge which contains PFA PFO on farmland. Another gift from the city people. Also used in fire fighting foam for aircraft, rugs, non stick coatings the list goes on unfortunately. Another thing our government apparently didn't test for when they approved spreading sludge on farmland.
  6. Toggle switch in side of starter box wired to interrupt the power to or signal from the pressure switch.
  7. oldest post and beam were square timbers. later ones rectangular. Rectangular beams use less wood for the same or greater tensile strength. posts square
  8. The easiest way to have a shut off is to put a switch in the control circuit. This prevents operation and is cheap. It is not a disconnect.
  9. Inspect the bolt as best you can before removing. Make sure it is not weakened by corrosion. You usually tighten nut to compress spring to allow removal and then back nut off some after installation. There is a tremendous amount of stored energy in that spring. I cut the spring in pieces to remove if there is any doubt about the tie bolt. You shouldn't need to mess with it to remove the adjuster cylinder. Break track, unbolt adjuster, slide idler forward and remove cyl.
  10. int 504


    The 'hand pump" is turned by the steering wheel with a cylinder underneath in center of axle if it has the hydraulic steering like a 504.
  11. Old flat head sixes will burn just about anything for gas in case you have one of those around.
  12. I wonder if the supposed "diesel particulates" were really particles from tires???
  13. I need to correct my previous post...................................... I visited the parts Farmall this am as it is an early one and the lever is very close to the floor-it's a 61 I think. The Int is a 63 and the lever is close to hand but at more of a 45 like the pictures of the later Farmalls but not straight up. Sorry for the misinformation.
  14. I have an Int 504 and a Farmall 504 parts tractor. The pto lever should be up close to strait.up. Where it engages is affected by clutch adjustment and accumulated slop. It also has a brake at end of forward travel. There is a latch that should engage to stop forward travel. I'm not good with pictures but i can send some if necessary. Owners manual has photos I think.
  15. I think if trailer gross is over 10K it's cdl period. Class a I think. Also on trailer gross some weight is on hitch therefore on towing vehicle so it takes more than plate number to overload trailer.
  16. Years ago we were told not to use greaseable if they wouldn't get greased. Same with nylon versus bronze bushings. Nylon better for no grease users.
  17. Some have them in an end cap for access. The "lifetime lubricated" last quite a while. Spraying the outside would help with corrosion but wouldn't really lube the needles. Grease fitting location can affect the strength of the joint.
  18. I have an 82 ex water truck, etc. Mine has budd wheels, 466 and Alison. 12 frt 21 rear. Not a power house but probably better than 3208.
  19. Maybe they can get some crocs next pay check. I wonder if that's where all the radioactive metal from Chernobyl went?
  20. Wack with sledge in center. Small like 1/4" cold chisel driven in gap of cone then try to turn and repeat as necessary. I worked with a man who had started breaking limestone with a hammer in a quarry when he was 12 or so. I've never seen anyone else who could swing one as hard and accurately as he could.
  21. An elderly friend of mine always said "neither borrow nor lend".
  22. Left and right may be different. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Number of bolts in flange, straight or 2 speed, Axle code from line setting ticket or maybe id plate. GVW or rating of rear end. You may have to pull both and pig to get piece(s) out. Also length, diameter and number of splines to match up.
  23. I have quite a bit on a wide variety of things. Some I purchased at swap meets, estate sales. auctions and so forth. Used book stores and antique shops used to be good. I have also obtained single items I needed from E bay. It is handy to be able to look up things but the internet has a lot of info now-not always accurate unfortunately.
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