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  1. I had a dodge hemi 271 that came stock with a dual point. They are make and break if I remember correctly. One set makes the circuit and one set breaks it. Definitely cool. just like any points ignition just a little more complicated. My Dodge was a 55? and Motors manual for that era had how to set,test etc. The Dodge was probably Autolite.

  2. I also recommend Cat. I also have good luck with Lawson products which may be at the heavy truck place. Check the other 3 to make sure what they are: size, thread, nut (deep nut?),washers. maybe hole is metric or worn loose.

  3. 6 hours ago, supermechanic said:

    On a friction machine, all you need to do is unlock the brake band, and the welder will self-load into the waiting pickup truck.

     Lost a Hobart pipeliner that way.

    We would swing them out where it wasn't easy/possible to get under them and the cabs were locked.

  4. I had the misfortune to drive a Ford 8000 with an 1160? Cat and a 5 and a 4. Was worse than one with a 6-71. Shift constantly. An Int 501 gas was better but not by much. The Macks were better especially the MaxiDyne.

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