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  1. I have two. A 2077 that I have had for a number of years which was "only used on Sunday to cut firewood". The fellow forgot to mention what they did with it on the other days....It didn't take all that much to get in shape and it was my favorite heavy saw for years and still is right there with the other big saw. Last summer i bought a 670 Super 2 mainly for the 25" Stihl bar on it. It was very dirty but cleaned up to look like new and didn't take a lot to get running. A couple of ignition issues which I think meant it didn't get used much. Once running it will take a full bar of oak or maple and just howl right through it. So I really like my Jonsereds. Mine are a little newer than yours. the 670 is 99 or 2000 and the other I don't remember.  

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  2. 8 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Sounds right, not work, but we had a celebration of life here at the house for my MIL Saturday, Sunday I was trying to take the tent down, which in the absence of 8 firemen required the tractor with forks and 4 heavy ratchet straps. FIL has a bad back so I decided to let him run the tractor. In the process he left it in a higher range, 2WD, slid down the hill (with the loader up🤦🏼‍♂️) and smashed into the tent, bent 2 legs, 2 connector pieces, 2 crossmembers and poked a fork through the top. 

    ugh.. no point yelling about it, but it was utterly unnecessary with a little bit of care… waiting for a price for the connector pieces and top from the tent company. 

    Good for you on the not yelling it definitely wouldn't have done any good.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

    Couldn't run Saturday because everything was waterlogged and greasy from Friday's rain, and it rained just enough over Saturday night to get everything wet again. So I entertained myself by cleaning up some more of the mess from the tree service in the morning, and mowed the lawn.

    At 3:00PM I decided to go see if I could do some moldboard plowing with the 5240 and the demon-possessed IH 700 4-bottom plow. Dandelions were in full fluff mode, so the grill would plug with dandelions and the tractor would start getting hot after about 3 rounds. Clean the fluff out and it would cool right back down and be good for 3 more rounds.

    On one such clean-out I popped the hood to check the radiator itself. Completely covered with a thick blanket of dandelions. D*mn. Not only that but the fan belt was shredded, barely hanging on by about 3 ribs. Double d*mn. Guess I'm done for the day.

    That could have been a lot worse. Glad it wasn't.

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  4. I had a dodge hemi 271 that came stock with a dual point. They are make and break if I remember correctly. One set makes the circuit and one set breaks it. Definitely cool. just like any points ignition just a little more complicated. My Dodge was a 55? and Motors manual for that era had how to set,test etc. The Dodge was probably Autolite.

  5. I also recommend Cat. I also have good luck with Lawson products which may be at the heavy truck place. Check the other 3 to make sure what they are: size, thread, nut (deep nut?),washers. maybe hole is metric or worn loose.

  6. 6 hours ago, supermechanic said:

    On a friction machine, all you need to do is unlock the brake band, and the welder will self-load into the waiting pickup truck.

     Lost a Hobart pipeliner that way.

    We would swing them out where it wasn't easy/possible to get under them and the cabs were locked.

  7. I had the misfortune to drive a Ford 8000 with an 1160? Cat and a 5 and a 4. Was worse than one with a 6-71. Shift constantly. An Int 501 gas was better but not by much. The Macks were better especially the MaxiDyne.

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