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  1. I have a 504 with loader and like the tractor a lot. reverse is slow. I use a 800 lb. concrete weight on 3 pt even though tires are loaded. has a large snow/chips etc bucket. It's not a great loader but it's way better than no loader. Does fine with a 5' bush hog, would run a six. Mine has cat 1/2 as original. Came with bushings etc to do both. Tractor looks fairly good. Do you know anyone who could look it over for with you?
  2. I think it was just teed into main pump pressure line and supply from tank to pump. So just one check valve? It was factory and ran off the truck battery. mid 80's Ford with Brazilian 6. Did a head gasket and valve clean up on it. they said it went good after. I think it was supposed to be automatic switch over but there was a problem with blown very large fuses. Was ex power co truck. Fuses might have just been corroded or missing it was a long time ago.
  3. I went out on service call for one of those pump failures. That bucket truck had a battery powered emergency pump. The operators didn't know about it but I got it working to lower the boom so it could be driven to my shop for pump repair. The spline coupler had stripped. They got the guy in bucket out with an extension ladder before I got there.
  4. I used to soak the pivots with the favorite weasel piss of the moment and use a hydraulic jack handle on the end of the blade. Put the cutout over the center of the blade and lightly tap the end of the handle with a smallish hammer as they needed to go in to turn. Add vice grips to handle for rotational assistance. When you do this keep in mind that a bent fan is a ruined fan. This was on the unmentionable yellow machines. There was a hole in the hardnose that lined up with the fan for this. Turn a blade and rotate fan to next blade. repeat
  5. I did mine a week or so ago. Always a good feeling when it's done.
  6. They only repair/replace if oil consumption is "excessive". They define excessive. Years ago they told my mother that a qt. every thousand in her 6 cyl. Chevy was normal and not a warranteed repair. She informed them that none of her previous Chevys used oil and that this would be her last. She was in her sixties at the time and had Chevy 6 cyl cars all her life but not after that one.
  7. Sounds like one of those things my dad would say "nothing a stick of dynamite won't fix".
  8. It does work. A good part about it is if the wood doesn't split the chopper doesn't get stuck in it so the next go is quicker.
  9. I have one to those chopper axes. It works really good some of the time other times not so much. I split almost all of my wood with a hydraulic splitter. I keep the chopper in the shed for the odd occasion when I split something by hand. A heavy axe or a maul would be my choice if I had to split all my wood with it.
  10. If the rollways aren't worn badly I'd be inclined to just put in new balls. Are they metric?
  11. B model Macks would do that if lugged to stall point. Smoke a lot and lots of gears in reverse. Shut off and restart and back to normal.
  12. The cab looks the same. The one pulling the trailer also has a very similar nose to a late 40's Diamond T.
  13. I found a soft spot in the frozen woods two days ago. Had to walk out and get the dozer to winch out tractor. Didn't want to get it all mud but I kept it fairly clean. I generally pull things out with a winch as steady pull rarely damages anything although I have found the tensile limit of a few chains, snatch block hooks, etc. I scrapped all the low grade stuff and constantly monitor chains for damaged links as pieces fly like bullets without much effort at all from the winches. Will try to take some pictures of destroyed hook that I keep around as a reminder of what not to use.
  14. int 504

    Chaser bin?

    looks tippy and not for soft ground
  15. If there was no threat to a person how do they justify the shots fired? I thought protecting just property with gunfire was a no no. I'm mostly disgusted that they fired and missed.
  16. Mine has interchangeable nozzles that go in the end of the wand. cold water gas engine can't remember pressure
  17. How does that compare to half wit? is it 4 times more ?
  18. I've gotten so annoyed with parts counter people ignoring the people standing in front of them that I've gone outside and called them on the phone and then gone in and picked up my part while all the same people are still standing there waiting. I also changed parts places.
  19. Did they come over from Tupper?
  20. Scammel Pioneer the much loved British prime mover of WW2. Britain also used diesel powered Diamond T 6x4 from U.S.
  21. If you don't need the extra coupler maybe you could split it with a grinder or cutting wheel and take it off in two pieces.
  22. Losing a Johnson Woolen Mills jacket is indeed a tragedy. Hopefully it is just somewhere you haven't looked yet.
  23. I've gotten transport plates to move vehicles from Ct to Me. Location to location only, no cargo need proof of insurance not much money. A breakdown could be expensive with a heavy truck...
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