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  1. That's a beak horn stake. Used for sheet metal work including musical instruments, candle molds etc.
  2. Those long flat beads might be good practice for a young person learning how to weld.
  3. Only old people have heard of a phone book. If it's not online it doesn't exist.
  4. What % of population owns a car now?
  5. We used to get summer people cats in the fall....
  6. If it breaks again maybe add a piece on top and pieces on the sides after welding the break.
  7. Carefully remove the end cover. The small nuts have some little wires attached you need to watch out for. they energize the solenoid. The big lugs generally can just come off with the plate. There is a disk that the solenoid presses against the inner ends of the lugs to connect battery lug to starter lug. May be able to clean tighten etc a;nd be ok. Round plate can be turned over or maybe buy a kit or new solenoid. Depending on the pain of removal there is get starter rebuilt or replace. I prefer to repair myself if I can as i have an allergy to chinesium and avoid it if I can.
  8. From days gone by there was "The Norton Oil Bath" a factory installed decal on Norton motorcycles.
  9. On the money-three guesses and the first two don't count.
  10. As far as forests go proper harvesting will increase carbon storage as the thinned trees grow faster and store more carbon. Good forest management is a carbon storage plus and removing all the dead wood, etc. reduces fire danger. The harvested wood if used for lumber means that carbon is stored for a very long time. Also more CO2 means faster growing trees so it is removed anyway.
  11. At least it didn't suffer from too much grease.
  12. We had those for years. Worked good just needed a lighter flint once in a while. Shut off pilots on gas stove and just used one of those to light burner. Once one was lit the others would light. used for oven also. last couple of stoves had electric ignition and i haven't seen those for years. Worked on Coleman stoves also.
  13. int 504

    Project TYR

    On the phone?
  14. I wonder if the valve cover is made out of the same stuff they made the electric wire insulation out of?
  15. Mice,rats, squirrels same problem.
  16. Thanks for that I feel better about mine now. It looks very similar to yours.
  17. Is there anything that holds the pin in the tube other than rust? If you could get a replacement pin maybe weld a big nut to it and try to turn with a big air wrench.
  18. Alternative is really solid support under the axle housing, weed burner for heat, sacrificial pin just under the diameter of the king pin with a piece of rod welded to it for a handle and a big hammer 12lbs minimum and somebody who is used to swinging one really hard. This method takes two people or three perhaps. Many years ago I worked with some men who were in their 60's that had started in the quarries at 13 or so breaking rocks with a hammer. I've never seen anyone since who could swing a sledge like they could.
  19. I had a customer years ago who asked me to replace the head gasket on his Datsun. I asked why he wanted it replaced and he said "I figured if I replaced the head gasket it would keep the rest of them in line and I wouldn't have problems."
  20. Probably similar to a job and old friends son got or so she told me. It was in Quincy shoveling sh#t against the tide.
  21. Check the wires into and out of the ignition switch. Wiggle them around with a test light hooked up and see what happens.
  22. Sandblast and then plate perhaps.
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