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  1. Unlimited cooling allows for higher horsepower.
  2. had Euclid scrapers at work with 4-71 up front and two 4 53's out back. Two bowls, no turbos. Add Drott with 12v 71 and roller/compactors plus trucks and dozers-absolutely no danger of not being able to find job site.
  3. Friend drove a truck mounted snow blower that had a 4 cyl Climax that powered the blower. Town got the bright idea to have him leave the airport and clear the road out to the dump. So he went out and back happy as a clam. Upon arriving back at the airport the manager came out and said the town manager called upset about all the broken windows in houses along the road. Apparently the thing would fling beer bottles that were in the snow like bullets some of which went through a few house windows. He didn't leave the airport again.
  4. Heavy Equipment Forum might have something if it is still around.
  5. Cant dog doesn't have the point. Good for turning logs around a saw mill. Peaveys are used in woods and were used on log drives.
  6. I liked the "drive it 5 minutes and you'll hit something".
  7. That's not uncommon for a saw that hasn't been run for a long time. Sometimes once you get one of those going and use it more frequently it works as it should. Worth a try as long as it doesn't scream out lean. If it exhibits lean symptoms you can't correct with the screws-STOP and go to your initial plan of compression test and replace rubber stuff.
  8. I had a 365. It was a good powerful saw. Not XP so less expensive. Some of the later ones were 72 cc. I can't really recall how many motorcycles I encountered that were running until somebody took them apart for no good reason.... I would put some fresh gas and oil in it and fire it up and try it on some wood before I did anything else to it.
  9. You could try Mcmaster Carr.
  10. You can get the origin of the engine from the serial number on stovebolt or some other chevy place.
  11. happy birthday Art
  12. The Maine Antique tractor club has some sort of rig for pulling garden tractors. Maybe you could use an old fashioned wooden stone boat? I used to use a pick up or car hood for a stone boat. Was hard on hoods. The pointed ones worked good.
  13. int 504

    This week

    They grow peaches in upstate NY and we grow them here in Maine. Seems like NJ also used to but that may be all houses by now.
  14. There is no connection from the electrical system to the magneto. A ground wire or connection only. Reverse polarity on battery might cause a problem.
  15. I use a Lisle for 3/8 and up. Accurate sharpening is essential for an accurate hole which requires finishing with a reamer. I have some other ones including drill doctor which haven't been all that good but they are used and probably need attention.
  16. My father bought a 47 Chevy new and sold it with 150,000 miles on it when he bought a new 54 Chevy which was also sold with 150, 000 miles neither one had any major work done, just oil changes, tune ups. These were 6 cyl one standard, one automatic.
  17. I've heard these referred to as a wallet flush.
  18. It's a good year for hummingbirds here also. My wife saw some of them surfing on a stream from a garden hose that was aimed up in the air for watering so it made an arc. We don't have a feeder just lots of plants, flowers etc. which have attracted a few of them.
  19. No good deed goes unpunished.
  20. your plan sounds good to me as well as Farmall 1066's advice. Local ag extension may do free soil tests.
  21. We call vehicles with the floorboards gone "Flintstones" around here.
  22. Another source is Garage Journal. They have large section on vises with many people who collect/restore etc. Practical Machinist also has a lot of vises.
  23. 80-90 gear oil is what we used for rear end and trans. Electric 2 spd shifter unit takes its own oil, usually on cover of unit, light weight oil. maybe 10 w in winter?
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