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  1. Thanks England806; all advice and experience is helpful!
  2. So I managed to order the right engine balancer that will fit the D206 engine which someone previously put a D239 crank in, far as I can tell. But the balancer drive gear (ring gear) on the crankshaft is not lined up properly, i.e. with the #2 piston at TDC, there is a mark on the crankshaft flange where it should be (and there are no other marks on the crankshaft that could possibly reference the ring gear's positioning), but the dot on the ring gear is about 60 degrees away from that mark. I'm like, does EVERYTHING ALWAYS have to be difficult??? My only explanation for this is that the ring
  3. Thanks J-Mech for the timely response ... in effect, making a 239 out of a 206, sounds like; wow! I'll go ahead and order the slant gear assy for a 239; company didn't say anything about there being different versions of this type ...
  4. Great forum! Our Case 585 has the 206 diesel engine according to the serial number on the crankcase, but the crankshaft and engine balancer use the slant teeth gears, only used with the 239 engine, from what I've seen at Hendricks Ag parts (ring gear looks OK but both balancer gears lost teeth). Could someone have installed a 239 crankshaft into the 206 engine? I'll go ahead and order the slant gear balancer, of course, but just curious ... Thanks, Dave T
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