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  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! Most folks have no idea how much work something like that is. Working on a refresher course myself. It is nothing close to what you have done but it has been very time consuming. Yours looks very good and is an inspiration for all to appreciate.
  2. Sounds good. Hope you had a good programmer. Be careful where you go. A friend of mine got pulled in for a emissions exhaust test in Pa. 1995? C/O Peterbilt N14. One million four hundred thousand miles and he left with a go sticker on the windshield.
  3. Looks like Lazy has things in the correct order. I am trying. We had better luck with the trucks that used DEF then the ones a year or two earlier.
  4. I just remember one similar to this as a kid. Yes normally red wheels, then white. No Oliver expert here. I do remember the ones at the dealer with green paint and White decals on them. Those are probably very rare.
  5. Was Oliver not green with yellow wheels? Yes I see the point but disagree with rights on different shades.
  6. You have an electric window on the right. I do not.
  7. Wow that's nice. Hope I do not mess up and get somebody else's stuff it my post again. Something with the picture went wrong? To my under standing the Eagle was the premium interior and exterior bling bling package. Mine is middle of the road with a visor and aluminum wheels. Not a standard fleet truck. Never saw one with a baby motor and 13 speeds were common. They were offered in the older conventional 42 and or 4300's as well as the 9670's. I do not remember them after that.
  8. No that is not normal. I take it you are talking about gasses from the blow by tube. That can be caused by piston rings broken, lost tension or just plan old worn out. Have also seen that from an very bad exhaust valve guide. Valve could be moved side to side a lot with the spring still on it. Turbo can do that. Take off the air inlet pipe and check it out. On the 466 truck engine seems like there was a TSB as best I recall. Disconnect the turbo oil return line and rig a hose into a bucket. Fire it up and if a gysor is coming from the bucket the turbo is bad. You can only do that
  9. A day or two running and we will be done with this round.
  10. Young man working for me has done most all the recent work on this tractor. However he has lost something. What is missing here? I would like to get ride of the bungie cord from the fuel filler neck that holds the handle released. Any help appreciated.
  11. Had not quite finished the project but we had to make hay. Someone else was running it. When I got on it the next day it had no clutch free play and I side lined it. After reading posts here I got that worked out today as well as the torque amplifier adjustment. We put some insulation board stuff under the deck plate also. Hope that helps as it gets really hot here.
  12. I have no idea how I got teachers pets stuff in this post! However his stuff looks really good!!!
  13. I thought the 666 had a 312 engine? Believe that uses the same head gasket as a 360, 414, 436 and 466. If all that is correct you maybe able to just put a manifold and turbo off a 1066 on it. The turbo is probably a little large for an engine 25% smaller in displacement but that might be good? Thank you are putting a turbo on a higher compression engine without piston cooling nozzles. I would not bump up the fuel.
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