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  1. I am thinking i need the O and S Bearing and MFG. Co. 365 853 R91 The other Drag Link on page 244 is showing Clamps PT#5 Witch my 350 UD International has locking nuts not the CLAMPES and the book does not show them Old one on the left New one on right witch has more of a angle on threaded side Witch when putting it on the steering box side it will not line up with the other side because of to much of a angle on the rear Tie Rod any one have any Suggestions or Information thanks Robert
  2. Thanks for the information guys but I have anymore questions I’ll get back to you. Thanks Robert
  3. Changing front tread width? what is that mean? can you give me a little more information Thanks Robert
  4. Yes the front ones are straight The rare ones by the steering box have the angle on it I guess the 20° rare ones have an angle Does it show a part number for the rear ones
  5. Looking for drag link inner and outer tie rod ends. For a 350 utility diesel international. Old ones have a 10° angle bent in the inner tie rod end. (Rear drag link) the one that I can find has a 20 to 30 degree bent in it. Put the back one on at the steering box and you can’t get the front one to lineup. (6 to 8 inches different ). Can anyone give me a little help. Appreciate the information Robert
  6. I have a 350 utility diesel International That has Power steering is the steering box have The same hydraulic fluid in it as The hydraulics if so how do you check the fluid or is it a different box that just hold oil thanks for the information
  7. No. 350 utility Diesel International has a D193 engine
  8. Thanks Marcus that helped a lot if you find anything in your books about Adjusting the brakes I could use some help on the 350 international thanks Marcus
  9. Need some help how do you just brakes on a 350 international Harvester Ford tractor appreciate the help
  10. I have a 350UD International Farm tractor with a D-193 Continental diesel engine. Very hard and expensive to find parts. Re-doing the head now I had a crack or two so how to get a different one thousand dollars for the head. $180 for headset. $45 for pushrod. I had to go to Indiana to get it. If the 350 runs and runs good I’d keep it to plus the 400. Start on the 400 to get that run in first. If you need any places to find parts I got a few that I know of. Good luck.
  11. 350UD International D-193 Continental engine looking for the torque sequence on the head and torque for the head studs thanks for the help Robert
  12. Looking for torque sequence four cylinder head for a 350 utility diesel international farm tractor D-193 International Diesel engine thanks for the help
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