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  1. That apple flavored medicine is good stuff. I know a few people that have taken it and turned them right around. Hope for quick recovery for you Pete.
  2. I’ve seen the show once or twice. Not impressed. I do remember the one they said was a ‘summer home’. I would still think insulation is cheap why not throw some up.
  3. That reminds me of my parents reaction when my brother bought his first cow unsupervised. The truck driver said “watch her, she’s got a look in her eye” before he opened the trailer. She got the nickname ‘wild cow’. She was also the reason we bought a bull and quit AI. Great cow though, threw good calves and never had to mess with them.
  4. As a yankee his work was rare to see or hear but I have caught some of it and enjoyed it all. I was sad to hear recently that he was hanging it up. I hope he realizes how much joy he brought to so many people.
  5. Just a reminder of how blessed I am with a loving family. Only bad thing in my situation is not truly being able to grasp the pain this family must feel. I can only imagine. My thoughts and prayers to all involved
  6. Joe Eder is from Hamburg ny modified, I think he’s been running ntpa or local last few years. back in black, Fisher family, just 4 fun, Christ family, final decision/forced decision/overruled, Everman family. Off top of my head not sure what divisions they run but all IH/CIH. I think they big in Empire State pullers or New York State pullers but venture out to pro pulling or Ntpa sometimes.
  7. If it’s not too far throw 3-4 fence posts under it and roll it around. As one comes out put it back under the other end. Slow process but I’ve moved a couple chutes 50-60 feet like that. Push it with the 656, push on left side to go right, right side to go left
  8. https://www.triplertractors.com/led-tractor-lighting.html I am thinking of getting my 1256 switched to leds and found this place.
  9. Now that you start talking weight I remember buying my last chute a couple years ago. Found ‘stockmans choice’ out of Canada. Guy in central NY sold them. Looked great value for dollar (I still think that, I love that chute). My old one was a hand me down from the 1960s? It’d been torched apart and welded back more times than I know. Anyway I knew old one was in the neighborhood of 1500#. Put some borrowed pad scales under it once to weigh 4-h calves. Cows would move it around when they hit hard. New one said 960#! Oh s#*! Floor was option I said yes I need more weight. I picked it up at a farm show one January put it on flatbed 3/4 ton and whole way home I knew that thing was over 2000# based on how the truck handled. Once setup it don’t move much but still would like to know what it weighs out of curiosity. The salesman told me a year or two later, yea they think their “shipping weight” is underestimated on a lot of items.
  10. Years ago I sold a 4-h calf to a kid whose family had one or two. They said they had them as pets only because they weren’t good for anything else. They were cheap to feed but took twice as long to feed out and finished at half the weight (might be exaggerated but that’s what they said)
  11. That reminds me of seeing a guy that worked at our local dealer pick up a 7 bottom plow with a forklift and carry it down the driveway of their yard. He had it picked up high enough to clear the hood of a fairly new used magnum. Looked kinda sketchy to me but he didn’t even bat an eye. I saw some wild stuff there and heard even more wild stories from couple guys there.
  12. Around here those bridge crews will do a lot of work in exchange for a box of donuts. I one time asked for any leftover cement (over estimated) for a small pad outside a rented barn. Left them a dozen donuts in the morning said I’ll be back around 3, when I came back I had a pad twice the size I was hoping for and they even finished it for me.
  13. Can those donuts handle the added weight though? I would think you might need outriggers to support the ramp?
  14. I have had really good luck. In last 3 pickups over 20 years I think I’ve only been stranded three times. There was almost a forth but I dragged the fuel tank last 100 yards to get in my driveway when one strap broke. As far as when to give up on one that’s a good question. Three trucks ago it got to the point where I looked at previous 2 years and figured $200 a month in repairs. That’s was half a new truck payment. My current beater has had some wire corosion issues. Next time might be the last, more because there might be some value left in it to some sucker. Wiring issues suck also
  15. It’s a Chevy so yup it’s a beater at best. Those things ain’t worth keeping for good trucks. Sorry I couldn’t resist!
  16. This time of year is the only time I have spare time to clean the shop or work on odd ball projects but an unheated shop makes me want to stay inside. Or worse take the overtime at work (it’s too cold to work in the shop I think to myself as they tell me I have to work the weekend!)
  17. I need a new grill but I don’t think I can swing it. Otherwise I’d love to have it!
  18. I’m not a bike guy, I have a horrible sense of balance. But I have much respect and many friends who ride. Your story is awesome! I wish you many happy miles on her!
  19. Good luck man. You got a few years on me but I dread the day I need to update a resume. That’s one thing that keeps me in my present job. I hate change and I can’t remember enough about my first job 30 years ago or even my first real job 25 years ago to think I could fill one out right.
  20. I was born and raised in New York and as much as I hate about our state ( mostly the politics and the use of road salt) I have a great respect for our plow drivers, and the appreciation of the use of road salt! There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of crossing that PA/NY line in the middle of a blizzard. Our guys know what they are doing!
  21. I should add I get 12.5-13.5 with the 3.55 rears. I think the only other option was 4.60? I would have liked something in the 3.90-4.10 but only two options and knowing I wouldn’t do a lot of towing I went with the higher gears.
  22. I love it. Only getting 12.5-13.5 mpg but after 12 years of the gutless 5.4 I wanted more power than I need and it was a lot cheaper than diesel. $2000 vs $10000. I don’t tow a lot, mostly light stuff, short cattle trailer and dads antique tractors a time or two but didn’t even know there was anything back there.
  23. Lots of life yet. Only time I would ever worry about wear on the pedal is if you constantly have mud/manure covered shoes that might slip but even in that situation I’d say your pedals got a lot of grip left. Maybe with heavy use and your shoes are that manure/mud situation you might want to take another look in 10-12 years. With the angle of the motion of your foot and the direction the pedal need to move to work, slipping shouldn’t be much of an issue.
  24. I’ve been meaning to add mine for awhile finally got a picture of it the other day. 08 f250 5.4L with a clutch. First new truck I ever bought and fell in love with it. Only reason I bought brand new was in late 08 all the manufacturers were crying and giving rebates like crazy. Plus it was a stick! Got a 2020 with Godzilla motor to replace it and plan was to keep new one in garage for a year or two, but the salt started getting to the wiring last winter. With going to work at 11:30 at night I didn’t want to end up on the side of the road in a blizzard with no one to call except 24 hour tow my wallet out. For now I keep her around the farm and errands during the day when I could call my father for a tow, but thought keeps crossing my mind to sell it. I just can’t let her go yet. 193000 and I want to hit 200000. Crossmembers on the box rotted out around 4-5 years ago and found a flatbed at auction for $125. Really love the flatbed even though it’s only 7’6”.
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