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  1. Plus Texas could seat more which meant more ticket sales which meant more money.
  2. Years ago I heard a rumor of someplace that let the dot tie into their scales. I don’t know where it was, it wasn’t local to me. I think I heard there were some legal challenges to it based on entrapment?
  3. I caught his video about a week ago and that got me even more excited than I already was. The last nascar race there was when I was about 20. I was a fan of racing but never knew how special that track was till much later. Uphill on one side downhill on the other!
  4. So here is a question. I know cabovers are notorious backbreakers. And I know long wheelbase helps to smooth out a ride. But wouldn’t a long wheelbase cab over just put all that bounce on the front axel where you ride?
  5. I got tickets for the Aug 30&31 races and really getting excited. I haven’t been this worked up for a vacation in 5or6 years since I went to Fort Worth stock show. Of course this will be my first real vacation since then.
  6. We had a guy here in western ny that for a few years would pull his pulling tractor onto the track with a team of draft horses. It was a pretty cool sight seeing them come out onto the track. I think they used to pull national back in the day. Hans Boxler and later Hans jr the tractor was called ‘the special’. I haven’t seen it run in at least 5or6 years and Hans sr passed away a few years ago.
  7. My father had a 715 gas back in the day. He put a 300 gallon tank on an old trailer frame to fuel it with. He got the 1440 in 79or80 and I was born in 76 so I don’t remember much of that old 715 but I think that machine turned him off to gas engines and he let everyone know how much of a gas hog it was.
  8. Ouch. Looks a little dry around there too.
  9. That cattle trailer for longhorns maybe? I’ve never been around em but I would imagine they need a little extra room.
  10. X2 as soon as I read it I heard them in my head.
  11. I haven’t been in 15-20 years. Usually running low on vacation time from the off farm job by this time. I haven’t been in so long I don’t even think about it anymore. I took some time off this week for a family reunion sat and could probably have swung out there if I thought to plan it but at this point I guess it’ll be at least another year or ten. I kinda understand the desire to move it around but they had so much infrastructure at the Lott farm it seems stupid to leave. Just from an outside point of view
  12. Only thing I see missing is food. Lot of fire depts around here do chicken bbq for fundraisers. Best chicken bbq comes from fire dept! Couple towns over just started their annual rodeo(minus last year or two😠) they do a beef bbq. Take your pick on alcohol or not but food is a must. I like the idea of discussion on “why yellow “
  13. We never have had any sizable hog operations around here. Few 5-15 sow backyards selling freezer pork and there still around. I showed beef and hogs in 4-h mom and dad said I had to go to college and dad said he would take care of cattle while I was at school but not hogs. I sold them and never really looked back. A friend of mine that I used to show with still raises them mostly for the shows. He’s probably the largest operation around last I knew he was over 100 sows. Most show stock some roasters and I think he said he had a market down in Pennsylvania somewhere for a gooseneck load of butchers a month.
  14. I don’t know the laws for sure but I think around here the farmer can’t sell raw milk but can sell a percentage of a cow to you and then give you the milk. Last I heard one neighbor was doing it that way with their 5 cows.
  15. I’ve found CL to be full of people that don’t know what they have. Most priced too high but once in awhile I’ll find a bargain. I don’t know dairy but I’d say that one fits in the first category. As far as a bull, for one or two cows don’t bother. AI is a lot cheaper, not as efficient it may take a couple of shots to get breed, but a lot cheaper.
  16. I think all the 06-86 were good looking. I’m biased Of those I’ve only run significant hours on the 56s. When I was a kid a farm my dad used to deal with had a black stripe 1566 fender I thought that looked sharp. It was their mom’s tractor even when they got a couple magnums she took the 15 out to disk no matter the weather
  17. I had a couple that were loose enough to hook a chain to and pull out with loader. Then break a little of the old cement around to reset new post. Of course there were a couple others that were rotted off so bad they broke. Then proceed as you said with dig out the rest.
  18. I have seen a lot of very crude horse drawn sprayers and fertilizer spreaders around my area. The one local farm supply store told me number of years ago that over half of his custom spraying and spreading business was Amish. I’m sure that depends on each church’s rules but the ones around him are definitely on the strict side.
  19. The ones I have hired have liability and workman’s comp insurance by law. When getting a building permit they have to prove it. I would expect that to cover a broken leg from a fall.
  20. Western ny here we are used to regular rainfall but week or two ago it was getting pretty dry by our standards. I lost track of time but about week and a half ago maybe two by now we got 1&1/2” 4 or 5 days ago got 1/2” and another 1/2” last night. We’re sitting pretty good now but cows got ahead of the pasture and might need to feed a couple bales of hay to let the grass catch up.
  21. the one time I went golfing I found driving the carts was the only fun part. Raced em to every hole. We had a fast one.
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