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  1. Neighbor had one 4 post in the mid 90s. He beat the c#*! Out of it, about like everything he owned. Traded it for a 986 (That was an upgrade after he got done with the 88) before he went under. I never liked the open stations from the 86 series on and hated the 88 series rops or open. They just didn’t look right.
  2. Neil played a local tractor pull years ago, 15?+years ago? I was never a big fan of his music but really did enjoy his show, great entertainer for sure.
  3. One of those things I never knew. Born some 20 years after the change and never even heard a mention of it.
  4. I work in a pet food factory. As far as our company goes our marketing team finally got their act together about 2 years ago and we got a bigger share of the market at the same time the market got bigger because everyone that started working from home got lonely and got a pet. We have had some issues with ingredients but more with packing supplies, empty bags and cardboard cases. Those have been result of them trying to run lean and only keep inventory on hand for a week or less of production. One little hiccup and it snowballs. Most of these issues have been minor, usually an adjustment in schedule and run that product later. We have seen some labor issues but not major. The pay is good enough usually there isn’t an issue. However management and HR have been such idiots lately people quit referring friends. We are actually getting close to union, or so rumor goes. We have been running 3 weekends a month for last year only reason we get one of is because management thinks it helps morale. It has made for some real nice paychecks this year. My option of any pet food shortage boils down to 2 things, more pets to feed and manufactures trying to run too lean and not being able to instantly increase production. Warehousing kept supply up this long.
  5. I think I have seen a black 560 puller somewhere might have been on tv, if it was local pull (western NY) I probably would have wandered into the pits to get a closer look. I know there is a local black 1066 in N.Y.
  6. About 15 years ago we had a dog that was in bad shape. Needed to be put down. Dad wanted my 270 to do it. We aren’t much for hunters it’s the only thing in the family besides an old rusty .22. Anyway there was a fairly notorious escaped con running around about that time, one of if not the largest manhunt in NY history. Dad waited a few days/weeks till he was spotted few hours away then decided it was time. Let a shot out just as a state trooper came down the hill 1/4 mile away from the back of the farm. Waited a good 10-15 minutes for them to pull in the driveway wanting an explanation but they never came. I still think they saw what was going on and left us to our misery. Some law enforcement officers do have a heart.
  7. THE tractor I grew up on. When I was young it was the tillage tractor. 4 bottom fully mounted jd plow then an IH semi mount 5 bottom. I believe a 37 disc. Mid 90s brought a 5088 6 bottom and 6 row planter behind the 856. I think it pulled an 8 row for a year or two. Today it’s in semi retirement as brush chopper tractor. Dad likes to roundup the fence lines too. Started with 20.8x34s went to 16.9x34 duels for planting. Still on 16.9s today. He bought it used in 71. It would take h#*! Freezing over for that thing to ever leave the family. I got a chance to snap a picture of it today. Didn’t look at tach, but I believe it’s north of 9k. Of course it’s next to my 1256 because when I needed a big tractor the 8 was with the farm that my brother was taking over, no hard feelings, but I had to have a 56 series! The ROPS was added in last 5 years. Some of the places dad brush chops gives me a little piece of mind, if he wears seat belt.
  8. Glad to see it’s not just me. Month ago same trip plus hour or so farther I got better mileage out than back, but empty both ways.
  9. Hit $3.55 this week. Thursday I went to pick up some wheel weights I bought at auction. 2 hour drive about 90% interstate just going off the gauge on the dash I got better mileage loaded than empty. 2020 f250 with 7.3L about 2000# of weights. Dash said 15.9mpg empty 16.1mpg loaded.
  10. Uh yea, slipped on the curb. That must be what happened.
  11. Probably less than $25 a piece. I thought I got 26 pices but when I got home it was 28 halves! Three lots! Some are after market though
  12. I was there at 08:55. Took me 20 minutes to grab the guy in skid steer. Email I got a few hours earlier said they would be there Friday as well. Worst part wast getting out the driveway. Too many others there and parked in the way.
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