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  1. I looked into raising bison back when I was in school. Found out how much fence they could tear up and decided no. Saw some beefalo about the same time looked more beef than the one you got picture of. Maybe 3/4? Either way your correct, that just don’t look right
  2. I was raised on a farm where my father worked full time off farm. He didn’t have time to wrench and so I couldn’t learn that aspect from him. I have slowly developed my mechanical abilities over the years to where my skills are slightly ahead of his. I found this site a couple years ago looking at archived posts. Very helpful. Now I keep coming back for the conversations. I agree there’s a great bunch of guys on here
  3. https://usamadeproducts.biz/ not a perfect list but I’ve gone to this site often. Everything from kitchen utensils to air compressors. Last time I looked it didn’t give as much detail about the companies as it used to. Looked quick at hand tools a minute ago saw proto, crescent and a few others as American made. Sometimes they give foreign owned but American made sometimes it lists American made with foreign components. Like I said not perfect but always worth a look.
  4. We have two projects nearby in last couple years. Both seem 50/50 for or against. Many neighbors vs neighbors. I myself neither for nor against, just not a fan of how the went about it. First approval was for 300’ then up twice, I think final height was 500’ but setbacks were still set for the shorter ones. The first group the contractors that put them up were a**holes. Acted like they owned everything including the road. Second group musta been a different crew they went past my house and were very pleasant. Closest one is about a mile turned on bout 2-3 months ago. No big beef with It so far
  5. Throwing that time zone thing out again eh?
  6. WOW so many ways to go with that. Well maybe not that many. Well they all come down to one word.
  7. They seem pretty pricey to me. That last one needs a lot of work
  8. That last picture is worthy of the awesome picture thread I you ask me
  9. I just hope it doesn’t belong to that utility company from Vermont
  10. I never knew this till few years back either. Lucky I don’t remember ever sticking my foot in my mouth before I found out. Around here we got used to county extension agents asking us how many head as a way to cater any advise to our size operation. Of course this was mute because we are all the same basic size. And the extension agents specialize in dairy not beef. Of course I got a kick out of the hippies that proudly answer total head to sound big when everyone else is talking pairs. And when I say hippies I mean hippies!
  11. That would look great as a trash can, but much respect for you not to cut the top off. My trash cans are cattle mineral tubs. If your close enough I think they offer a deposit but shipping them back is too far from western ny. They are half of a 55 drum hold 250# of minerals from crystalyx. Maybe I’ll get ambitious someday and paint em like an oil drum? For now I’ve got so many around I trip over them. Fill them with gravel or concrete and they make great 3pt weights! Also great scrap metal containers throw the whole thing off at the scrap yard. That hytran drum is sweet!
  12. One of my first cows I bought jumped a gate and broke her leg 2 weeks after she calved her first calf. 30 years ago details are fuzzy I think it was back leg. Vet put a cast on her when he came back to take it off it was infected. Cleaned her up and sent her to sale barn. Back then if it could hobble they’d sell it. If I remember she got a decent price for what she was. My first calf I owned when it was born turned into a bottle calf.
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