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  1. Mr Norton grew up couple miles from me. In early 2000s his brother Jason had an old army truck with a silage body on it (he might still have it). That thing was a beast! Even with the front axle disconnected he could run circles around my Mack. I watched my brother sliding sideways across a hill with a self propelled chopper in first cutting hay while Jason had that army truck running straight next to him. Same day his brakes weren’t too good and trying to make a corner backed into a ravine. I had to stand on top of my truck to see if he was still upright. Next thing you know he drives out of
  2. Barometer. My grandmother had one when I was a kid. If I remember fill it with water(usually colored water shows up better) up to bottom of cork. As atmospheric pressure changes, the water will move up and down the spout.
  3. I always want to think that’s johnny’s field, but then I remember it’s not
  4. I’ve heard quite a few guys plug the pipe and stall the tractor. They must use grade 8 shear bolts
  5. You guys always could find the mud up the hill. Guess I was lucky my dad bought ground couple miles away with gravel! Is that some Carlstrom mud?
  6. Is that a reference to the band, heehaw, or the engine.
  7. I heard something early in the week about a comet or meteor shower coming up but I didn’t really pay attention because we were supposed to be cloudy all week.
  8. I’ve had good luck with “mother’s”
  9. Long time no see Nort. How’s Florida treating you?
  10. About 15 minutes. I actually work factory job in Dunkirk.
  11. Everything in California is known to cause cancer. 20+ years ago the 8900 magnums operators manual had a warning diesel exhaust could cause cancer. Now Disney land has a warning at the entrance that it can cause cancer! Grapefruit, diesel, Disney and roundup are all in the same category!
  12. Great info @sandhiller I think I’m little south west of @766 Man , Halfway from buffalo NY to Erie PA, only stories we hear around here about ‘em is at the local tire dump. It caught fire 25+/- years ago and ain’t heard a rattler story since. But I seen em when I did a harvest crew run 20+ years ago in wheat country.
  13. With the price of lumber these days you got a gold mine!
  14. Only reason I can think to be hesitant of Texas/gulf state vehicle is hurricane floods. I believe it’s common to dump those vehicles up north as non rust belt cars.
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