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  1. Your talking common sense now. That will never work.
  2. A week or two ago I’d give you some of our snow. Now that it’s melted I’d give you some mud! Few calves going to auction tomorrow and I can’t keep them clean!
  3. I stopped in at a former employer today, local hometown owned building supply store, shooting the bull with the guys. Said I switched from third shift to day shift and “I love sleeping at night but hate getting home at this time of day. “ I really miss having all day to do things around the farm and I always feel I’m in a rush to get out of work and get home but I was wrong all those years I said sleep is overrated!
  4. @KWRB @mike newman just to stir the pot!
  5. I would never try to retrace his footsteps er paddle strokes maybe that’s what makes it so amazing. I’m a land lover myself.
  6. Check engine light had been on in my truck for last 5 years. When it first went I thought oh crap. Service shop said no problem, 3/4 ton and up is exempt. And I thought NY was strict
  7. Ours are borderline. I’m sure there is a lot that is questionable but the law came down on the cats so they seemed to have cleaned that up so the minor stuff can continue to slide. We had a new scrap yard go in about 2 miles from me around 15-20 years ago, I know a couple of the guys that work there and they treat us well. Best thing is they let my father and I use the scales anytime we need just for a pizza and wing party once a year. Maybe a box or two of doughnuts thrown in also.
  8. Never big enough. When I bought my place it had a 20x30 shed, compared to working outside in the mud, it’s a shop. I’m slowly turning it into one, however it is still equipment storage, so it gets very crowded this time of year. My two tractors side by side with just enough room to squeeze between them. I’m jealous of your elbow room but grateful for myself being under a roof.
  9. I’m not sure but I think our local scrap yards have a limit. I think they will buy them but you have to show a drivers license and they record your name. If you come in to often they turn your name in to the cops. If I remember right a few years ago the cops tried going after the scrap yards for any converter they didnt have a title for a vehicle to go with it. This (or something like this for a limit) was a compromise so the scrap yards stick to it. Either way we dont hear much about an issue locally. I believe up towards buffalo there has been some issues.
  10. Maybe they are easier to get to from underneath? Just a guess.
  11. I use a 5 gallon bucket so it’s not so obvious
  12. So I’m concentrating on 495 this afternoon because loader needs to go back on to move hay. With the plug in the alternator I can’t get any leads on it while plugged in, so I tried unplugging it. Three wires, two heavy gauge wires had 11.5 volts single smaller gauge wire had no voltage with tractor off. Started tractor and all three wires had 11.5 volts. I’m guessing the smaller gauge wire is the sensing? At this point my plan is to feed cows and in a couple days take loader back off to take alternator in to get a shop to do a bench test. I hope the shop I’m thinking of is still in business
  13. Both tractors at batteries tested about 11.5 volts weather running or not. There was a draw when cranking best I could see they both came right back to 11.5 while running. Again I’m dealing with cheap analog meter, might not be great but it’s what I got.
  14. The 1256 has 2 wires, one I “think” is just a ground? Other wire is where I got a 14.5 while running. 495 has a 3 wire plug. I couldn’t get to any of the connections but found a positive post I got the 11.5 reading on. Only other post I didn’t get any voltage on. Nothing seemed to change with lights on. Even with my bifocals on to look at the analog meter.
  15. Also had all new battery cables at same time as batteries about 3-4 years ago. And alternator belts are good and tight.
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