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    56 series and beef cattle. Dad grew up on the hundred series. Little bit of like for the later cub lowboys.

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  1. Glad no one was hurt. Got some real good map drawing skills going on too!
  2. I was following along on and off at work just for curiosity. Like you said some stuff seemed high some low. Glad your happy with the overall. Hope things go well this year now that that page is behind you.
  3. I’ve always wondered about putting a full 304 in one. Probably need some beefier springs to hold it up but I would think it would bolt right in.
  4. 1256pickett


    Years ago I had an old mechanic tell me to always use the same oil. Doesn’t matter what brand, just keep it the same.
  5. You cheated. I was told they used to leave the heads on.
  6. I had a cheap jacket I got free from work. Zipper went on it but still had lots of life. Mom said the seam was too hard for her at her age so I took it to local dry cleaners with another one. Don’t remember what they charged I know it wasn’t cheap but within reason. Biggest thing was it was Local dry cleaners. I dropped it off on way home from work and few days later picked it up on way home from work. Did I mention it was local?
  7. Really bad picture but a 13 hour round trip to ohio beef expo today and I have my next bull. He was more than I wanted to pay but still within budget. Real happy with him. Oh and he leads on a halter like a baby.
  8. Those things look mean for a cab over.
  9. Slow progress but progress in the right direction is always good to hear.
  10. I would have to add this
  11. I refuse to pay to watch tv. Had antenna on the roof that got 3-5 channels for long time. About 10 years ago the stupid digital signal killed that. Got Wi-Fi couple years later and now only thing I watch is YouTube. Those 15 minute videos are great for my attention span.
  12. Take my advise for what it is, Im a part time hobby farmer compared to most here. If your using several hundred tubes since last fall, I wouldn’t hesitate on going to bulk. I’ve been around a few places that use barrels and it is convenient. Put an air greaser on the barrel and refill your guns out of the barrel.
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