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  1. I also noticed your lines you made were a bit crushed. If you need to make tight bends like that in short line with either copper or steel I have found with the smaller size tubing to make them perfect even with a cheap harbor freight bender, cut the tube a little long, pinch and braze one end shut. Then fill it with water and put it in the freezer overnight. After you have them made up perfect just a quick heat with small torch until you get a little puff of steam out the top. I have made some really nice tight bends this way. Made a replacement power steering cooler for my dads Mazda truck once that was NLA. The dealer said bypass it does not do anything anyway, But he liked things to be fixed right so I bent it out of water frozen metric steel tubing with double flares and silver soldered the mounting tabs back on, painted it black again. Out lasted the truck body. Also helps to draw the shape you want out on paper so you can work quickly before they thaw.
  2. Flare fittings, or if you want to go flexible Something like JIC. Compression fittings are not used in home heating for many reasons besides leaking. Also not aloud in automotive in PA. I had a diesel air compressor for awhile, I think it was a sullair. It had compression fittings all over it and the failed all the time. It had little lines running all over for governors and pressure switches, gauges etc. if they were not leaking they would break off. The ones in domestic plumbing used to not be to bad, but now they took the lead out off the brass and there crap now. Half the time I have to wrap the feral several times with Teflon to stop the drips. Teflon is a big no, no when working with injectors with a nozzle size smaller than a human hair. Sounds like your sucking air. But then again we had and old Khoring excavator that would randomly stop for hours then run again for days or weeks. After about ten years of changing fittings, hoses and filter bases always thinking that was the problem. We drained and pulled the fuel tank and found about 2" of stick that had fallen off of somebody's hillbilly fuel gauge. That stick was getting sucked up in the fuel line under vacuum and stopping the fuel, then when I would start taking stuff apart to try and figure it out the vacuum would break and the stick would fall and hide the the problem. Same thing if you just threw your hands up and went for lunch, come back hit the button and would come right back to life. Like I said took many years of trying the easy and not so easy fixes before it had to be in the tank. Figured it out by running off a 5 gallon bucket for weeks.
  3. Get rid of the compression fittings, they always cause problems.
  4. Some old ford hoes had a chain for the boom. I think all the old IH machines had the chain from one outrigger to the other. Pretty handy so you could drag them out of the way when they refused to run. 5/16 is plenty and if you weld your hooks in a near vertical position you will be able to hook your chains almost taught so it won't bleed down much before there tight.
  5. I have a 140i. Front axel tube is square and has an 1" round brace from the axle tube to the frame on the right side.
  6. Got a quote today for new brake shoes. I think I will try some others before I send them in to reline them. Line MFG P/N Manufacturer Condition Pckging RoHS Pb F D/C Sell Qty Sell Price Line Total Description 1 2530008707136 ... U U NEW UNUSED SURPLUS / BRAKE SHOE / PN:2530-00-870-7136 / NSN:2530-00-870-7136 / CERT PROVIDED: WBPARTS COC / STOCK AVAILABLE, 5-7 DAYS 2 $225.000000 $450.00 Quote Total: $450.00
  7. Thank you Binderdan. I have some service books on the way. Have still yet to find a 1969 up parts book.
  8. My H-50 has red fluid in it defiantly Dexron. It only holds 15 or 16 quarts, It may be a good time to drain it down and check the sump strainer and refill it with some fresh stuff. I don't know if the H-60 had the same converter but once I found the filter number it was easy to cross over to a Napa filter.
  9. Rockin and Rollin now no leaks. Anybody have a part number for the parking brake shoes or a good source to get them relined?
  10. Mostly interested in where the hole for the vent is centered in the panel.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/340770517372433/?ref=saved&referral_code=null one for sale to far for me
  12. The only difference I could find in the new and old pump was the bottom left bolt hole was deeper on the new pump. It made no difference since all the factory bolts were the same length and the old pump simply had the one shallow hole. You got me. glad I got the cheaper one, saved $27 bucks to get another bucket of hydro oil. Hope the seal kit comes tomorrow so I can get the cylinder back together. then all will be left to do is put the new front tires on.
  13. Pump Showed up today. Apparently just the tracking was lagging. Looks like a good unit two year warranty with new gasket and fan bolts. I will head down to the garage after a bit and see how it fits.
  14. Bull Dog lists complete cylinder kits for H-30B. There are different ones depending on serial number of your tractor. Call glen at 1-800-854-0275 ext.2220 he has been very helpful with my cylinders. hopefully you have the later model with the six bolts and not the one large nut with a 500# torque value.
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