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  1. Where is everyone getting wiring harnesses for a 6588 at? Local case dealer or aftermarket? Looking at getting rid of some headaches and just start with new harness.
  2. Do you have pictures of the fp overhaul kit
  3. Where can you get these wire connectors at and new terminals?
  4. Working on a 6588 and at first the torque wasn't working but got the wiring fixed for that but having issues with the transmission brake. Not sure where the transmission brake switch in this diagram is at exactly and I think I need to find it first?
  5. If I had a shop big enough for a combine in it that would be a good idea but I do this after my job and on weekends. I work on stuff at people's places in their sheds. Looks like a really nice hoist.
  6. Possibly looking at pulling the motor out of a 2366 to rebuild it. The only question for me is I don't have a cranes to lift it out and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to go about it if you don't have a over head hoist or a crane to lift it out?
  7. Looking at a 3388 that won't steer unless running high rpm. Just wondering what it could be as to whether to be interested in it further?
  8. The last 6 months I done two overhauls one on a 358 German and the other a 414. Retorqued the head within 10 hours of hard pto work because they developed a seep. Dried right up after the head was retorqued. I will be a firm believer in it from now on.
  9. Has anyone ever had much luck with riveting on new spirals on stock rolls? Complete kits are hard to get
  10. Could be some broken wires where the feeder house pivots. Had part of that issue on a 1680 I would check continuity on all wires going from cab to feeder.
  11. That is the brace for the top sieve channel. Goes in the middle with two counter sunk Phillips heads screws 5/16" x 1 or 1 1/2 I think is the size. How are the shaker bushings looks like it possibly tried shaking apart at some time or is going to?
  12. Yes those are it and if you take them off pay attention there are shims behind them to make it so the are not on a bind. And if any of the stalk roll spirals are loose don't put them back on it will brea the water pump bearing within 200 acres.
  13. Is there somewhere that might have brackets to make one fit a 400?
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