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  1. Has anyone ever had much luck with riveting on new spirals on stock rolls? Complete kits are hard to get
  2. Could be some broken wires where the feeder house pivots. Had part of that issue on a 1680 I would check continuity on all wires going from cab to feeder.
  3. That is the brace for the top sieve channel. Goes in the middle with two counter sunk Phillips heads screws 5/16" x 1 or 1 1/2 I think is the size. How are the shaker bushings looks like it possibly tried shaking apart at some time or is going to?
  4. Yes those are it and if you take them off pay attention there are shims behind them to make it so the are not on a bind. And if any of the stalk roll spirals are loose don't put them back on it will brea the water pump bearing within 200 acres.
  5. Is there somewhere that might have brackets to make one fit a 400?
  6. I have a stain hoist all hydraulic loader on my 400 and was wondering if there was a more sturdy loader to put on it like a IH 2000?
  7. I always use to get it released how you said you did then I would just grab it with my hands while holding locking mechanism so it stayed unlocked to get them off. Done a bunch of those for chopper bearing update on case combines. Cause then I had a shaft made to the measurements to unlock the ones on the bearings.
  8. Working on air conditioner on a 105u. I'm leaning towards the expansion valve but I wanted opinions. Hooked up gauges and high side pressure was going to 400 psi. I found out later that my low side of gauge set is broke. So all I can go off of is high side pressure for time being. But I lean toward the expansion valve cause there has got to be a restriction in the system. Whats everyone's opinion?
  9. Do all the rocker levers have play at some point so I can torque the head.
  10. I just wanted to check on that. It's really hard to believe that I put in on there positioned just right the first time. Just seemed to easy
  11. Was going to put the fly wheel back on a 966 hydro putting engine back together. How are you supposed to make sure it is on the crank shaft right since it don't have any dowels to line it up?
  12. My main question is what number on the pump drive gear should gear train be lined up with? Books I have seen don't list a 826 anywhere
  13. Putting the 826 back together after the engine overhaul. I set all the dots to there respected place and put the injection pump gear on with #5 line up with dot and engine on tdc. Set engine to 16° btdc and the I can't get the pump line to to line up with pointer. Any suggestions as to what to do?
  14. I am working on overhauling a 966 hydro for a guy and I'm not sure if he has a good way to break it in using the pto and I'm thinking it's not the best idea to take it to the field and pull it real hard. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to break it in good? If it was one of my dad's we would throw it on the tub grinder and break it in.
  15. What do people like to use on gaskets on the whole motor? Just seeing what people prefer. And also do many people use vegetable oil on o rings for sleeves or what's that preference?
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