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  1. Looks broke in to me Mike, with the rock that you have in that river bed I'm surprised that you keep them on at all. It looks like he might cough up the funds now that he sees them, always great pictures. Thanks for the information on the gauge I will do some digging. I have some good 1/4" flat stock that I thought I would mold to fit this winter, if I can make a jig to bend them to the sprocket.
  2. That reply was instant?
  3. Thanks for the reply, it varies from a few minutes and longer. It just shows that my post is being saved and later I see it has posted.
  4. I have noticed that all of my posts are saved and later posted, is this because I said something in return political? If this is indeed the case let me know, thank you.
  5. Mikes the man, need him to bring his knowledge and toys to Ohio.πŸ˜‰
  6. You don't know of how to down load or get a gauge for building up the sprockets do you?
  7. How about mailing? I'm guessing 1200 pounds. A stamp in good for one ounce @.55 cents, that's $10,560 figuring 19200 ounces.πŸ€—
  8. can you put them in your suitcase when you visit? Should be a savings if you go carry on!
  9. OK! new question, did the t20 (1938) use the same track as the td6? I know were there is one.
  10. Yes the starter drive is what I mean, thanks! I bypassed the starter switch button and added a solenoid and dash switch.
  11. You speak purdier than a two dollar never mind. I replaced the springs and maybe they were to heavy, had it apart twice and failed so time for new. Pain to keep removing the starter.
  12. Hey, I put this over in engines and then said all the td6 folks stop here. I was unsuccessful with my starter bendix, it still wants to slip. Anyone have a good number for the bendix to fit a 1108940 starter? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Tried to repair my solenoid but failed. Can anyone give me a good number for the solenoid to fit a 1108940 starter on a td6. Thanks!
  14. Lol, now days people throw away more driving off the lot than I paid for my first three new cars. Yes, if I were on 120 acres and improving a large portion I would buy a 6 or 7 thousand dollar small dozer and keep it under roof. Kind of like putting a tube in a tire, the track that I put $20 dollars into is still working and I have moved 100+ yards of clay with it so far, if it would quit raining for a bit I would have the hill done.
  15. Love the singer lol, how many times did you have to untwist your ground cable. Great pictures Mike. I will piece this thing together until winter and then make a decision as to what will happen to it. It will get a good welding or a new home once my path over the hill is complete. I do have to admit that it gets more fun to run each time I get on it, but still not willing to throw two grand at the tracks of a $1800 machine. Great pics Mike!
  16. Thanks Mike, it really was a fast temporary fix. The master was loose enough that I took it out by hand once the pressure was off it and I may have had 14 hours total in the work. ( 8 if I wasn't an old fart) I have never owned a dozer before but ran a few and was farm raised, so coming up with patch fixes is a must. I don't have the sources or knowledge to find the gauge or track width of all the older crawlers.
  17. So if both of the screens and bowl were dirty, are the filters new??
  18. Maybe it's not the motor, do you have a small hill that you can put it on and see if it rolls down it? Could be brakes, rollers bearing or anything causing resistance. Is the fuel pressure gauge missing, I didn't see one on the pump?
  19. You did clean the water separator and the screen in the pump inlet right?
  20. ALRIGHT!!! Been following the post but no pictures. Thanks!!
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