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  1. I sold all of my guns to -- John Yellowhair on the reservation before I moved, I am a passivist now mister government. No need to come to my house.
  2. remodel on the wife's bathroom --- dozer on hold.
  3. I know one thing Mike, from the looks, if you have a horse that is a little foot shy, you just throw him don't and put his shoes on. 😂
  4. Strange thought, maybe they are sold out because most people know that in a crash no one is coming after it?
  5. In the great depression we had 10 million people looking for work. In 2021 we have 35 million refusing to work and another 35 million that have never worked. Most of these folks would starve to death, standing in a garden with a fresh cow. Best sleep in shifts when it hits the fan, they do know that country folks have food.
  6. I was trying to just say that the flywheel may be catching is why it won't move. I agree that the whole thing should come out as one.
  7. tried to copy and paste this and it didn't work. The book says that you need to watch, because the flywheel will catch on the plate and stop the engine from coming forward.
  8. Absolutely awesome pics, from what I can tell by the reviews you might have your next round up crew lined up here.
  9. Man! That looks like it has the 9" wheels and the up-graded suspension package, what a find! Good Luck
  10. Just going by the parts book, it looks like it should slide right off the shaft once the bolt or nut in the center is off?
  11. Have you tried a small bar between the transmission nose cone and the yoke (near the center so as not to break any tabs) to see if it moves on the shaft at all? I think you need to get that last yoke bolt out somehow.
  12. can't you buy a piece of all thread and cut it to length with a nut welded on it?
  13. Simple! Anyone who signs up for an abortion must also sign to have their tubes tied. Anyone who has a child while on welfare loses 20% of their benefit and must find employment within 60 days of the birth.
  14. That is who I was referring to Matt, thanks! She is one great girl!
  15. All good advise that I read. The tank can be done with some kerosene and a bunch of bolts, just shake it and turn it every time you go by it. Fuel and point are the biggest stoppers, the carburetor may have a stuck float from sitting and the points most likely need cleaning at best. You tube has some great videos on cleaning and working on points etc. Good luck and keep up the posts.
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