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    Anything built by Ford, especially vintage Ford trucks. Harley Davidson motorcycles and vintage International tractors.
    Currently rebuilding 1967 BTD6 Bulldozer, 1950 Farmall M .

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  1. Sorry just looked it up, should be 600x16 !
  2. Oh yes you are right. The front tyres are too big anyway, they are 700x16 and they should be 650x16. It is on the list.
  3. Hydraulic pump off and mag back on, all good. Took it for a short drive in between showers, and the steering is very light without that front end loader, it’s like power steering !!! Tractor feels more lively too without all that extra weight.
  4. If you want a vintage dozer and you can keep it going, I would choose the TD9. I bet the engine will be ok after only three years, but I would be thinking the steering clutches may be stuck ! That is really not the nasty that people think it is, sure it is time consuming but anyone that has reasonable skills at swinging spinners and can keep their cool, will be able to sort it with the help of a manual. Having said that only one steering clutch was stuck on my TD6, after sitting in the open on the side of a hill for 10 yrs, and even then it was rusty because someone left a bolt out of the top inspection panel on the same side allowing water to drip onto the clutch drum. Cheers Dave
  5. Got that pump off today and yes the two threaded lower bolt holes were under it, so all good Mike. I haven’t fitted the standard fitting yet, but I am sure it will be fine, I pulled it apart for a good clean up, so will be back in business as soon as I make a gasket for it. 🤠
  6. Thanks Mike, the pump is as you can see in the photo is quite big, there is no room between it and the crankcase. So hence the three bolts. I will get it off next week and see what we have. Worked on it today but was refitting the battery box in its rightful place under the fuel tank after removing the hydraulic oil tank. It’s looking original again ! Sold the Ford mudguards i took off today, you were right they are Ford 2000 guards, the buyer was very pleased to get them. Watch that radio active tuna, you will light up in the dark if you have too much.
  7. Hi BB Quite possibly, it was owned by a an old Farming family who had several property’s, unfortunately the family wasn’t sure if they bought it new, but they said it has always been there. The person who would know unfortunately had a stroke and was unable to confirm. I think the loader had been on there for a very long time and it is the same colour. Dave
  8. Hi Guys & Girls Here is a photo of the M with all the loader off, except the hydraulic pump. I bet the tractor has lost a few pounds, boy that loader is heavy ! A little snag with the pump, I want to remove it and fit a standard coupling. One of our esteemed members kindly sent me a coupling, but it is four bolt, and the pump is three bolts, not only that but the long distance between bolts is 1” longer on the pump. They are both the same across the top. I am hoping that the lower bolt holes are there but hidden by the pump ?? I will take the pump off anyway, but I thought someone here might know the answer ? Cheers Dave
  9. What about the studs and the drain pipe that extends through the Casting ?
  10. I must admit the wide front is growing on me. It is quite a big job to change because the radiator has to come out again. Might leave it for a while and see how it goes. The main reason for changing is firstly because I like that look, but also the turning circle is better and the tractor will be used for moving airplanes in its retirement. 🤠
  11. Loader coming off, looks much better already !
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