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    Anything built by Ford, especially vintage Ford trucks. Harley Davidson motorcycles and vintage International tractors.
    Currently rebuilding 1967 BTD6 Bulldozer, 1950 Farmall M .

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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that the oil I took out was synthetic and no one could even spell that in 1967 let alone consider using anything but mineral oil. Big thanks to Mike for pointing me in the right direction on this one…….. Nothing beats experience. Cheers
  2. A bit of a lesson with the grade of Hydraulic oil in these old tractors, when I got the machine from my brother it had very thin almost clear oil in the tank, and he was complaining that the hydraulic pump leaked even after he had it overhauled. Now with the thicker ISO 68 oil there are no leaks and the rams are much more reactive !!
  3. Blade and hydraulics all connected today, I went with the ISO 68 oil and all is good so far and no leaks ! looking ready for work at last ( almost ) I have a job moving dirt for a friend on a small farm, probably take about eight hours, that should sort out any problems. Then back to the shed for a new coat of paint. Dave
  4. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions, and I don’t think I would be brave enough venture into the earth moving business Mike, especially with a vintage 50yr old machine. So I guess there is a lot to choose from, and as long as it is mineral and anti foam, wet and slippery, there is not much chance of doing any damage. That is the nice thing about these old girls, they are not too fussy ! Cheers Dave
  5. Finally refitting the BTD6 dozer blade and hydraulics, anyone recommend a hydraulic oil that will be suitable for the rams and the hydraulic winch ? I would have thought that it would be a mineral oil originally, given the BTD6 was built in 1967. Not sure what grade tho. The hydraulic pump is run off the front of the crankshaft and it has its own oil tank.
  6. This is my favourite 1948 Ford F1. It was sold new in New Zealand and is RH drive. All original running gear including the side valve V8 and 3 speed manual gearbox. It is always road worthy and I use it regularly. Also pictured is my 2012 Ford Falcon Ute that is my daily driver, it only has 47,000 km since new and has the 4.0 L six cylinder double overhead cam engine and six speed ZF auto gearbox. Manufactured by Ford in Australia but sadly no longer available. A great ute if you don’t need 4WD.
  7. A few more photos taken on the day, that TD25 is huge, I have never seen one before, and the BTD6 in original yellow is a close serial number to the one I have, which was originally yellow but since been painted red.
  8. Staying clear of the Paparazzi, Mike
  9. Good photos, thanks Martin 😀
  10. Last weekend New Zealand celebrated 120 yrs of International Harvester over two days. At the 35th annual Crank Up at Edendale in the South Island. Rows of restored and original red tractors and red farm equipment were on display and most were in working condition. Many of the wheel tractors on display were driven to the event, some travelling long distance. A very enjoyable weekend that included Steam engine displays, Mack Truck 50yr anniversary in NZ, Chevrolet trucks, and 100yrs of Kenworth Trucks. So something for everyone.
  11. Hi Mike Been trying to contact you without success, are you going to Edendale crank up ? Dave
  12. I have been silently watching, and enjoying the discussion. Both of you have years of knowledge and expertise that I admire and value. Thank you for taking the time to offer your instructions, it is always easier learning from experience than fumbling through a poorly written workshop manual. Dave M
  13. Hmmmm ! Thanks Mike and others………..sounds like an awful job and to be avoided. So I might just shelve that one for now and carry on with some of the other relatively easy tasks that need finishing, after all there is nothing wrong with the tracks, I was just looking to be able to move the idler forward to get easy access to the adjuster for fitting/welding the new adjusters I made up. Anyway I appreciate all the input……. cheers.
  14. I want to remove both front track idlers, so I need to remove the master track pins. Are they normally difficult to remove requiring heat and heavy hammers etc or do they normally come out ok ? Haven’t tried yet but just wondering how hard it will be so I can be prepared. 😊
  15. Thanks Hillman, I am pleased to say the tractor has been re wired at some point, and the wiring is in really good condition. 👍
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