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    Anything built by Ford, especially vintage Ford trucks. Harley Davidson motorcycles and vintage International tractors.
    Currently rebuilding 1967 BTD6 Bulldozer, 1950 Farmall M .

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  1. I have been silently watching, and enjoying the discussion. Both of you have years of knowledge and expertise that I admire and value. Thank you for taking the time to offer your instructions, it is always easier learning from experience than fumbling through a poorly written workshop manual. Dave M
  2. Hmmmm ! Thanks Mike and others………..sounds like an awful job and to be avoided. So I might just shelve that one for now and carry on with some of the other relatively easy tasks that need finishing, after all there is nothing wrong with the tracks, I was just looking to be able to move the idler forward to get easy access to the adjuster for fitting/welding the new adjusters I made up. Anyway I appreciate all the input……. cheers.
  3. I want to remove both front track idlers, so I need to remove the master track pins. Are they normally difficult to remove requiring heat and heavy hammers etc or do they normally come out ok ? Haven’t tried yet but just wondering how hard it will be so I can be prepared. 😊
  4. Thanks Hillman, I am pleased to say the tractor has been re wired at some point, and the wiring is in really good condition. 👍
  5. Well still no generator, unfortunately the armature is a bit sad ! it’s not shorted but it has been overheated and the generator output is very low. The rest of it looks ok so trying to get a new armature, nothing in New Zealand at the moment. I found an M wreck with a generator that was working ok so getting that checked out. Hopefully it will either work ok or I can get the armature out of it. Fingers crossed. 🤞
  6. Drove the M home for the weekend and it fits in my garage with the muffler removed. A few jobs to be done in time for upcoming spring. The generator has never been working since I bought it but because it has a magneto it never really was an issue. But now I have the lights working and have the tractor registered for road use, I need to get it sorted. So it has a cut out mounted on top of the generator and it doesn’t work either, the points are burnt out. So I managed to buy a new cut out and have sent the generator to a grey haired sparky in the hope that he is old enough to be able to overhaul a 6V generator successfully….The supplier of the cut out said it needs to be set up on the bench with the generator before it all goes back on the tractor, I hope he knows what he is doing ??? Anyone have any pointers on this ?
  7. Finally found a belt drive pulley, and it is the correct part number for the British built M. After searching high and low, this one was only up the road so easy to pick up. Fitted it today and it works !! So that is the last missing piece of the puzzle I am pleased to say. Can someone tell me if the drive for the pulley has its own oil or is it supplied from the gearbox, I see it has what looks like a plug on the top of the casting, presume for oil, not much in there tho !!! Dave
  8. Yea I haven’t discounted the idea of driving it down, I think it would be a hoot !! When the weather warms up I will pack a lunch and take it for a decent run on the road as a trial and see how that goes. I have just recently had it on the road with the new front tyres, and it was fine ( no high speed wobbles flat out in 5th ) bit bouncy on a rough road tho…… got to hold on tight or slow down !! Cheers Dave
  9. Yep steering clutches will be stuck, it’s not much fun and you will need a maintenance manual to guide you through the repair and to keep your sanity ! Good news is that most parts are available, and you may not need many if you can get the clutch plates apart without destroying them, mine just needed a good clean up and reassembly. Plenty of experience on this forum to help you. All the best. Dave
  10. Mike…… Win or lose I am very happy to buy you a couple of coffees at Edendale in January…… I hope you are right, that BD264 has done very little hard work for many years, my brother used it mainly for keeping his driveway graded, and then it sat idle for at least 10 years until I saved it….. since then it has really only been driven off the hill onto transport and off at the other end. At this stage I will probably take the M to Edendale, even thought about driving it there !!! But common sense will probably win and it will get a ride on a flat deck. Looking forward to it ! Dave
  11. New tri ribs on the front today, looks great and it’s like power steering !!
  12. Nice day here today, quite warm for this time of year at least 10 deg C. Got the old girl started again, but I can’t say it was easy, had to resort to a bit of easy start, and it still smokes a lot until it gets hot. I think it may have a lazy cylinder. The engine always smoked a lot on start up but I put it down to no glow plug on no3. Now with four new glow plugs it starts on four, but blows more smoke than it did, until it gets hot. I backed off each injector line while it was running and No2 cylinder didn’t have the same rpm drop as the other three. I think I will leave it until I can get it out and work it for a few hours and see what happens, my guess is the head will be coming off sooner or later !!! 🤠
  13. Got it running today after bleeding the fuel system again, it was a bit hard to start and it smoked real bad until it got hot, probably because of all the WD40, auto fluid, and oil I had to use to free up the old glow plugs. But it is running nice now, so will see how it starts tomorrow.
  14. Hi Mike you are probably right on the fuel issue, the system was dry because I had to repair a fuel line, and I had the primer pump off for a fuel leak. However I did bleed the system as per the manual, but I will do it again. I guess the other factor is it is Antarctic cold here at the moment, we are finally getting frosts. Brass Monkey weather is never good for starting old International Diesels, after all it’s not a Ford 😊 Dave
  15. Bit disappointing after fitting new glow plugs, it doesn’t want to start. Plenty of smoke but won’t continue to run. So far I bled the fuel again, recharged the battery’s and checked the voltage at the glow plugs. I think the crimped wires in the fittings are not good enough, so removed all the new wires and soldered the fittings on, some were loose, So will try that when I get back to it. Maybe they are not getting hot enough, the instructions in the kit said 12V for 15 to 20 seconds. I removed one and it was red hot in about 7 seconds. I don’t want to burn any out !!!
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