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    Anything built by Ford, especially vintage Ford trucks. Harley Davidson motorcycles and vintage International tractors.
    Currently rebuilding 1967 BTD6 Bulldozer, 1950 Farmall M .

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  1. Well after saying there is nothing in the service manual about removing it all assembled, I read the section about reassembling, after transmission work and there it recommends the seat, fenders and fuel tank be assembled as a unit before refitting to the tractor ….. So we all learn something every day, pays to read the service manual !!!!
  2. The ground down socket worked, got all four hold down sleeves removed, and three glow plugs out. The fourth is being a bit stubborn in the hole with carbon build up, so it’s soaking in CRC. I now know why there are no used glow plugs available for the BD264 you have to wreck them to get them out !!! 🤠
  3. Maybe but just looking at it now, if you remove the battery’s and battery boxes, disconnect the fuel and remove the bolts that hold the assembly to the steering clutch cover plate and the few that secure the fenders, I think it would lift off in tact with enough structure to hold the alignment. I note the service manual doesn’t suggest it comes off in one unit, but boy it would save a lot of time. It would need to be lifted straight up level and then back I think.
  4. Now that the steering clutch issue is over (for now) I have been thinking about the huge number of hours required to complete this task and what I could have done to make it easier and faster. I am not getting any younger and I know it now takes me longer to do anything, but I have had a lifetime of experience as an Engineer working on everything from Helicopters to motorcycles. ( no trains ) The biggest job is removing all the metal to get to the clutches. Just recently I was looking at some old photos of new International tractors including the TD6 being assembled new in New Zealand, and I noticed the seat box section, guards and fuel tank were assembled as a unit before being fitted. So I wondered why I didn’t try removing and installing it as a unit, certainly a whole lot less bolts to remove. I guess the weight factor could be an issue, but any front end loader or good hoist would work. Hope I don’t have to try it, but it may help someone else who is facing this job. I would be interested in any comments, maybe others already have this sorted. Dave
  5. Thanks Mike I like the idea of grinding down a socket, will give that a try. Three of those original glow plugs work so if I can save them I will by grinding a tube socket. The new kit I have has Toyota glow plugs with new inserts and they are connected in parallel, by passing the resister so they all get twelve volts. Should be good 😊 You are correct of course the BD264 is 4 cylinders, my photography hid the last injector, sorry Mmi….. I thought you must have still been away Mike……sent you an email about a week ago about the BTD6 exhaust manifold, but it’s all sorted now we welded up the hole and it seems to be fine. Dave
  6. A couple of photos, I guess similar to USA TD6 except this is pure diesel with glow plugs instead of petrol start.
  7. Just received a new glow plug kit to fit the BTD6, had a look at how difficult it was going to be to get the old ones out this morning, and it looks like the injector will need to be removed first, because there is not enough room to get a tube socket on the old glow plug. Just tried the easy one on no1 cylinder but it doesn’t want to budge, so I tried to remove the whole unit and it wants to stay !! I guess there is a special tool ? Don’t want to break anything so if anyone can give me a heads up that would be great. Cheers Dave
  8. Thanks guys for your advice re welding the manifold. Well I decided to take the manifold off and take it to a local tractor workshop. It had two holes rusted out at the lowest points, obviously caused by years of sitting outside. When they were cleaned out they were about the size of a finger. The mechanics preheated the manifold and brazed two patches, and so far it worked out fine. I refitted it this afternoon and ran the engine until it got hot, no leaks, and it looks fine. Luckily the rest of the manifold is in good shape, no cracks and doesn’t appear to be thin anywhere else.
  9. Running today at last, started and ran well. Steering clutches and brakes working fine.🤠 no real issues at this stage, but I notice an exhaust leak from a hole in the bottom of the manifold, anyone have success welding a cast manifold ?
  10. Thanks Dave, the faulty one is already disconnected and it starts fine on 3 glow plugs with a little help from the can of engine start when it’s cold. It starts on 3 cyl and smokes until it warms up and the other cylinder joins the party….. then it runs very nicely. It starts fine again while it’s hot without an Ether fix ! I will probably go with the Toyota glow plug modification kit, just to make life easier.
  11. Thanks Ian, will look at that option.
  12. Well back on this project today after being away for a month. Engine oil change and filter. Oil change on the Simms injector pump. New fuel filter and water trap on the fuel tank. So nearly ready to light the fire. Anyone have an opinion on using easy start ? An expert !!! Told me not to use Ether because it will damage pistons and rings, the one I use is CRC engine start that only has 25% Ether. Problem is that one of the glow plugs doesn’t work and they are not available anymore. So the can of easy start is almost essential starting cold.
  13. Starting to look like a real tractor again, spent a whole day spot welding new formers into the underside of the hood, they were almost rusted away. The mind boggles how that happens on the warmest pat of the tractor and no obvious water trap ??? The outer skin is ok ! The engine must have been operating on high detergent oil, because I took the rocker cover off to adjust the tappets and the inside of the engine is like new, no sludge no residue !! Amazing for a dirty diesel, and I know this engine has not been apart for at least 25 years, and maybe not since new.
  14. I have owned and operated a TD6 and now a BTD6, the former arguably the best International Crawler that they made !!! However they are all old and tired, and while they were good in their day they are best suited to museum displays or a run around the block on a Sunday. While I applaud someone brave enough to think about converting one of these old girls to an EV, the cost and practicality would be overwhelming, and then you would still have a tractor that is obsolete and unreliable with virtually no new parts available. There is a reason these machines are now worth very little, some are given away down here. That said my BTD6 has been in a few bits for the last year, slowly being reassembled and it will get a fresh coat of paint and some decals, but it won’t be doing much. Still it will be easy on the eye !!!!!
  15. Anyone know who is making Rocker cover gasket ( valve cover gasket ) for the BD264 engine as fitted to the BTD6 Crawler ? The International part no is 700 799 R2 but it is obsolete. I can make one if need be but would rather buy one or two if I can get them.
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