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  1. I did a KTA Cummins a wile back and after 200 hrs the guides were so loose that exhaust leaked up thru them put it together 2 times the 3rd time I used Cummins valves and guides and that took care of it
  2. It turns tight but the spindles are free it has to be maybe in the orbital valve
  3. I,m working on a 454 redid brakes system was full of metal cleaned out housings replaced hyd pump cleaned suction strainer put back together everything works but steering wheel is tight weather running or not. If i go steering block all the way left or right you can hear relief valve open so I put a gauge in the left steering line and turned the wheel left I have 1800-2000 lbs pressure any ideas i also cleaned priority valve , steering relief and check valve
  4. Take a test light and pull your positive cable off hook light between post and cable if there is a draw it will light up
  5. Farmer bought this one for parts they said the trans was out of it it only has 100 lbs main pressure but convertor spins full speed right away you can feel it engage but wont move . Going to check strainer maybe just clogged or bad pump
  6. Thanks this is what i was looking for don't know why I could not find this page in the manual
  7. I still don't see a test port for directional or range
  8. Can someone tell me where you check the directional and range pressure on this machine its a above 8000 serial number
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