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  1. Yeah, time to set the blade off and pull it in the shop... after running it an hour and a half the power started dropping even more, the temp guage was still in the green but all the way to the high side of the green zone. Outside temp was 81F.
  2. Well, nevermind, this leak shouldn't matter, right?? It is on the exhaust side of the turbo, so turbo is still getting all of the exhaust gas flow. I just looked again and the flange from the exhaust manifolds to the turbo are not leaking. Also, here is another video, this is at WOT, it is real windy so sound quality is low.
  3. You were correct sir, there is an exhaust leak. It seems to be more noticeable when the engine is hot. The metal ring between the turbo and exhaust riser is rotating with the vibration. Here is a video: https://youtu.be/IfR5ceM8lyk
  4. Thanks, will run it again in a few days, new calf on the ground yesterday so we are still in the hospital.
  5. Thanks again. No exhaust leaks that I can see. The way it smokes, especially when cold, it should be easy to see.
  6. Oh, I forgot to add, I have to let it dry out a few more days, just got some rain, and I've got a hydraulic hose to replace as well. Not to mention we have kid number 5 that will be here any day now!! Thanks again for all of the input, it is much appreciated.
  7. Thank you guys, I'll make a video at WOT digging and pushing dirt and see what you all think. So, should I leave it at WOT even when backing up, turning, etc? Basically everything but changing directions? I'll also run some injector cleaner through it. The oil and water level has stayed consistent and does not appear to have any contamination.
  8. I agree, its not running right, I'm just not sure what to do to troubleshoot it. It does seem very responsive to me. It starts perfectly. The air filter is good and clean and it has a straight pipe so no restrictions on airflow. There is no boost guage so I don't know if the turbo is working, I certainly cannot hear it whistle like on some other diesels.
  9. Sitting on it it does seem to be screaming, I know in the video it doesn't sound like it though, I am on notch 4 of 7 on the throttle lever most of the time. I'll get another video at full throttle and post it. I'm not sure what to do at this point to troubleshoot the way the engine is running. On this size machine, should it spin the tracks? It will not, it runs out of power first. Other machines I've ran, like a D5K, would spin the tracks if you dug too deep. Hector, what do I need to be watching for before I ruin the motor? Is it all of the smoke? A friend said add some ATF to the fuel to help clean the injectors.
  10. Thanks again everyone. I am guessing that I have to drop the front skid plate to get to the harmonic balancer? I couldn't see any way from the sides. I'm down to this and final drive flush/fill on my list. However, I have not checked valves. The book I have describes how but I wasn't sure if it was worth getting into it or not. Can someone with more experience and wisdom talk some sense into me??
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I will be sure to check the harmonic balancer bolts. I pulled the side final drive fill plugs today. There were metal shavings and some metallic "goo" on the magnet. In the next few days I will pull the drain plugs and see what they look like. Hopefully it is just normal wear... the metal shavings were tiny, nothing big at all. However, any advice is appreciated, I have zero experience with final drives. The center of the plug has a gap, it was filled with the "goo".
  12. Hello everyone, first post. I just bought my first dozer, a 1980 Dresser TD-20E. (thanks to the fine folks on this forum for posting serial number lists, that's how I know the year) The machine was only used to clear about 5 acres for housing lots in the last year and a half. Before that it was a farm dozer. I don't know anything about it prior, nor do I know how long it was a farm dozer. The machine is in great shape as far as I can tell. The man I bought it from changed trans, hydraulic, and engine oil. My plan now is to: Replace/clean all filters Flush and replace final drives Check frame pivot oil/grease level (any help would be appreciated, there is no drain on the side like the book shows, and no zero on top so I'm guessing I just fill it all the way up with gear oil?) I can post pics of that later. Change engine oil I have already replaced the seat, the cushions were history. I had a nice hardly used seat from my zero turn so it is now part Kubota (sorry lol) I also removed the blade and built up the trunions, they were wore very badly, will post pics. I have removed the right side engine shield and straightened and welded it so it operates properly... will also fix the left side. It is missing a small part of the cutting edge, going to call a few places and see if they can help me out It operates great with the exception it seems a little weak on power, but I need to run a little more and get used to it and then I can post some videos and see if anyone has advice on that topic. Who knows how many hours are truly on it, the meter shows 500... the motor may be getting weak or the turbo isn't building boost, not sure. PICTURES HERE: https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/l2S418pTQ-urMezPBNfndw.qZt_-bDvqFZs2uaZ6DOr-T CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES
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