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  1. Split between the transmission and rear end or at engine and transmission? Thanks
  2. It still moves but doesn't reduce speed and grinds. Like it can't catch and engage
  3. Haven't had the tractor that long. 504 gas. Was hard to shift so I adjusted the clutch etc. via the IT book. Shifts in and out of gear well now, but when I pull the ta back it just grinds and doesn't engage. Thanks
  4. No ether just the glow plugs. The oil pressure idiot light goes out after it starts but no actual gauge. Smoke is black not white.
  5. It cant run itself up a small hill in road gear. Has a loader I use to load hay in the field and the smoke gets brutal. I tried to do a compression check but the gauge set up I have only goes to 140 psi and I cant really read it jumps so fast. The gauge did jump pretty good though and shot a nice puff out of the glow plug holes. The more throttle you give it the worse it runs. Starts pretty easy for these motors. I have a 282 in a 706. Could I swap pumps between tractors? To see. I could check static timing. One time and not saying it started then but the front axle pin came out and the axle busted the oil cooler off. Thought if i had a bad bearing maybe that would rob power. Thanks
  6. Sorry. Finished up that night.
  7. Bad wire from questionable fuse usage. Going again.
  8. Thought it was. Switched them out and chopped a load and a half now it's getting hot again. Does it matter which wire connects to the magnet?
  9. The hub the magnet bolts to is broke in half.
  10. Putting a ta in my 706 and was rebuilding the mcv and it had no brake check valve or spring. Also the inner spring in the pressure regulator valve was missing. The tractor would get hard of steering throughout the day.
  11. Putting a ta in my 706 and was rebuilding the mcv and it had no brake check valve or spring. Do I need them? Also the pressure regulator valve was missing the inner spring. Tractor would get hard steering throughout the day. What would cause this? Thanks
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