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  1. 100 tons??! Sheesh. Well that answers my question about building my own portable pin press.
  2. I thought, maybe foolishly, that I could drive the pins and bushings out of a few old links and use them to replace the cut ones. I think you can rotate the bushings 180 degrees and they’re good as new
  3. Finally started working on this TD14 I bought a couple months back. The goods news... It came with a ton of spare parts including practically new tracks. The bad news... instead of using the master pin to break the track, the person cut a link with a torch to remove them. So now I have to replace the links that were cut. Now getting to my question, is it possible to remove pins and bushings without a track press? Any experience or advice?
  4. Oldscoutdiesel, do you have any pictures of your coil setup? I want to improve the ignition in my TD14.
  5. Small world. Salmo is a 10 minute drive away.
  6. Beautiful British Columbia. Southeast, about 10 minutes from the Washington boarder.
  7. If I’m in this deep already , I’d be a fool not to look at those bearings. I have a parts catalogue that lists the original bearing numbers and it looks like they cross reference to modern brands, so fingers crossed I can replace them without breaking the bank. Snow is melting up here in the Great white north and I’m not planning to work in the muck, so it might be 2 or 3 weeks before I get into this job.
  8. Which bearing are you talking about, Hardtail?
  9. That all makes good sense, and thanks for the advice on the bearings. Well I hadn’t planned on dragging it into the shop, but then I hadn’t planned on opening the final drives either. Maybe I will.
  10. So does the whole thing have to come off then?
  11. Very helpful, thank you. Fortunately, the previous owner somehow managed to amass a truckload of spare parts, so my house is safe. For now... colin
  12. Hello everyone, I recently bought a TD14 dozer in need of new sprockets and tracks. I'm not new to wrenching on old iron but am new to IH and could use some advice on how to proceed. I have a shop manual and understand the procedure of changing the track and sprockets but am unsure how to go about removing the blade, a bucyrus-erie. Does everything need to come off, like the mounting brackets and hydraulic cylinders etc? Any shortcuts that are helpful? Thanks in advance, love this site!! Colin
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