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  1. thats what it took to get it out thanks for all the replys
  2. i tried to pull it but i cant i can get the brake pedal side but i cant get the key removed buy the clutch pedal
  4. i just replaced all the rockers now they get oil
  5. as far as i know they are the same except maybe the engine
  6. does anybody know the part number for the rocker arm bushings ??
  7. so i took it all apart and some of the bushings are worn out does someone know where to get new bushings
  8. i think some of mine are a little looser then the others which leads to losing all my oil so i,ll probably end up buying a used set on ebay
  9. i tried trie state ih but they wern't able to help
  10. this part number should help somone when they go to order it
  11. if i move the rocker arm aside and crank the engine over i get oil out of the 2 holes thats what has me stumped
  12. should i just buy a differnt rocker assembly or what do you guys think ???
  13. my project ih 666 swapped dt360 was making problems it wor a push rod down now i got a new one through smith bros the n i figered out some of my rockers arn't getting oil any help appreceated ??
  14. so i got my new push rod from smith bros but now some of my rockers arn't getting oil i also got 1 extra pushrod if someone needs 1
  15. can someone help me out i.m in a fix and i need my tractor any replies appreceated
  16. they are out of stock any help appreciated ??
  17. yes thank you i had not found that one but they wont let me order them i have to call them
  18. is that for the 312 and the 360 my engine is the dt360 automotive so the pushrods are shorter and i cant find them anywherre ???
  19. yes they could probably help me but i was hoping to get a stock one anyone know where to get it ??
  20. i need 1 ih dt360 pushrods for my 666 swapped ih any help greatly appreceated
  21. my plan is to use the stock manifold and weld a t3 adapter to it and run whatever turbo works best thanks fore all the awesome replies
  22. you are correct about the 312 but i swapped mine to a dt 360 out of a bus so it is turbo ready
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