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  1. can someone help me out i.m in a fix and i need my tractor any replies appreceated
  2. any body know where to find them ??
  3. they are out of stock any help appreciated ??
  4. yes thank you i had not found that one but they wont let me order them i have to call them
  5. is that for the 312 and the 360 my engine is the dt360 automotive so the pushrods are shorter and i cant find them anywherre ???
  6. yes they could probably help me but i was hoping to get a stock one anyone know where to get it ??
  7. i need 1 ih dt360 pushrods for my 666 swapped ih any help greatly appreceated
  8. my plan is to use the stock manifold and weld a t3 adapter to it and run whatever turbo works best thanks fore all the awesome replies
  9. you are correct about the 312 but i swapped mine to a dt 360 out of a bus so it is turbo ready
  10. shaeffers hydraulic oil so no cheap stuff metal filter part was plugged now they work again hope this helps sombody
  11. thanks for the reply i dont have the turbo yet just wanting some opinions on it
  12. oil is over full new filter 30 hrs ago do you think i should check the filter
  13. new hydruolic oil and filter now my loader and 3point are weak and jerky steering is also weak and jerky ? any solutions
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