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  1. The 1210A, 400, and to some extent the 500 were popular here. There used to be lots of them around. I’m not sure where they all went, but you don’t see them much anymore.
  2. We have a model 400 Deere that my dad bought new in 1985-1986? Probably should sell it because it’s too small to do any good and we don’t use it anymore, but probably won’t.
  3. Closing farms to reduce emissions? I don’t know if it’s true, but I wouldn’t have any trouble believing it. There hasn’t been any good ideas or leadership that has come out of Europe in a long, long time. This line of thought is going to hit these people in the face like a freight train eventually. I hope I get to see it.
  4. Probably, as long as it doesn’t have the all powerful, miracle performing catalytic converter installed on it.
  5. That’s a nice machine, I’d love to have one myself.
  6. I would just pick something and put it in everything. I buy bulk premix antifreeze from John Deere and it’s in everything I own. If you have hired help I believe strongly in premix, there’s no way to mess it up. If in doubt just drain it out and start over.
  7. I have thought about them a lot. That side entry door sure looks nice. I have heard a lot of bad things about them on the Internet, but you know how Internet “experts” can be. I don’t know anyone personally who has or has had one to ask. I’ll be interested if anybody has any personal experience with one.
  8. The way people act over a few dollars is unbelievable. We have had several landowners pass away recently, and with as high as everything has been, the heirs behavior is mind blowing. I have literally seen farms sell before the bodies are cold.
  9. I have heard @ray54 talk about some experience with some, I think. Someone said you had to order blades through Dresser back in the day.
  10. What were you having trouble getting parts for? I know over the years Deere has had other people build machinery for them and that can cause issues. In general I am shocked at how many parts are still available for two cylinders.
  11. We used a 15’ 750 & also a 1590 here for years. In our area, I would say 150 hp minimum tractor on a drill like that in these hills. Our drills were also on dolly wheels. We had a 4455 on our 15’ 750 when it was new and thought it was about right.
  12. Given our recent experience with our Cat, we changed brands. After being thoroughly disgusted with newer CTL’s in general, we bought a 332 Deere. What we did would not work for you since you plan to run a mulcher. I don’t know if the Deere is any better, but we did not want another Cat. All I can say is if that thing is running you better make sure you are charging enough to fix it when it blows up, which it will.
  13. I got that. Maybe I worded my post poorly, it wouldn’t be the first time. I just meant that I doubt if the HD-41’s were as bad as the “internet” would have us believe. I would love to see an Allis-Chalmers branded HD-41 in person. I have never seen one and have no idea how far I would have to go to find one. I can’t imagine there are any very close to me.
  14. @mike newman may have some advice. If you are going to manufacture your own parts then @just Dave may have some advice there. If you have new pins/bush made the rails could be welded up as well as the rollers. There isn’t anybody that does that type of work here anymore because it is cheaper to replace parts than to rebuild them. Of course if what you need is obsolete then that doesn’t work. If you have the ability you could weld them up yourself. Submerged arc welding was the process of choice years ago, but it’s not the only choice.
  15. Does it have an “idle air control valve”?
  16. The short answer is that there is no “new” track gear for any crawler that says IH on it. There are a few exceptions where Cat parts are a direct replacement. I’m not sure what the situation is down under. You may find some used parts, if there are any left. You may also find some track chain that would work off of a newer excavator. How bad is what you have?
  17. I would think a naturally aspirated 404 would be barely adequate as a replacement.
  18. You might call Cook Tractor Parts in Clinton, Missouri. They are a pretty decent sized yard. I just got an exhaust manifold there for a DT-429 that came off of a 4156. They are pretty knowledgeable, at least in my experience.
  19. Tractor data list the TD-18 as around 80hp, is that correct? I would guess that non turbo 404 to be around 100hp. It sure doesn’t look like it has any extra power in that video, though. I would have gotten a turbo manifold from a 4430, it would have sounded better at least.
  20. We have several W-W squeeze chutes and a W-W portable corral. They’ve always worked good for us.
  21. It’s not out of line at all. These threads are just conversations among friends. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. Almost all of my experience working on hydrostatic systems is on green combines.
  22. Here is the link to @Biged415’s thread https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/133166-3616-backhoe/
  23. It appears it was a TD-18 with a Deere 404. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1rnrX7qVRvc
  24. It looks pretty clean other than that. A sheet of 1/4” steel would clean that right up!
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