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  1. Every time I read through one of these old posts and I see supermechanic J-Mech telling someone they don’t know what they are doing it makes me glad they banned him. Good riddance.
  2. The last one that I hauled in that condition was loaded with a winch and then hooked to a sufficiently sized tractor and drug off of the trailer.
  3. Impact wrenches and torque wrenches are good tools to have, but they aren’t really necessary for this install. They make it easier for sure, but that’s going to be some $$$ just for bolting the hubs on.
  4. Did CCIL build the machine or was it just a rebadged machine that said CO-OP on it?
  5. I remember my grandfather telling me stories of running a mounted Deere corn picker, probably a 226. He said that when it was wet the tractor couldn’t pull a wagon, so they would pick, with the elevator turned off, whatever the elevator hopper would hold. Then drive over to the wagon, clear it out, and get some more. It sounded like a terrible job to me, but he always told the story with a smile. He never complained about it. When he farmed he said they never really cared if for some reason they couldn’t get it picked, they would just turn the hogs in and let them clean it up. They just needed some corn for the cows and the rest of it was for the hogs anyway.
  6. Don’t worry, they’ll be there to put water on the smoldering ashes and then claim victory. It’s a good thing this variant isn’t causing reefer trailers to fill up with corpses because they wouldn’t even be capable of ordering enough trailers. Let alone manage every single person’s medical treatment in this country. What a joke all this is. People talking about what they’ve seen with their own eyes and others claiming it’s wrong because they saw a news story. All we have heard for a year is get the shot, get the shot or you’re a terrorist. What good has it done? How do you prove it would have been better or worse for an individual that has a positive test. It’s impossible to prove and everyone knows it.
  7. Well obviously your personal experience doesn’t count. Just because you and everyone else keeps personally witnessing people getting sick, who they initially said wouldn’t get sick, that doesn’t mean anything. Just because “they” have botched everything so far doesn’t mean we have a right to question what’s going on now. You didn’t really see what you saw. They said on the news that it is great. And also the government says you should do it. So what’s to talk about? Unless you have a degree in virology we need to just do what we’re told and quit thinking so much. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just going to keep breathing through my mouth, dragging my knuckles, and doing everything I’m told.
  8. I would really like to have one someday that I can put to use. I would prefer a 640, but it would have to be cheaper than that one. You certainly don’t see them everyday, at least in my area.
  9. Gas start and lack of planetary final drives.
  10. We have more technology than ever on our farm and we have just as many problems as ever. It’s great when it works, but that is far from all the time. It is a constant battle to make it work right and the need for technicians has never been greater. The sensors to make this technology work will make sure there are lots of humans needed to troubleshoot and maintain them. The sensors, the ecms, the miles of wiring, they are not even close to being able to maintain themselves.
  11. I always liked the way Deere had the fan speed adjustment on the XX00-XX20 series. You had to get out of the cab, but there was nothing to fail on the adjustment. We rarely ever changed the fan speed and I have fought electrical problems with the adjuster that sometimes just made me wish they weren’t even on there.
  12. I don’t know what it needs for sure. I don’t even have the head off yet. I was just trying to get a plan together for it. This is a one owner tractor. My dad bought it new in 1985 and it’s his baby. I just want to make sure it’s right when we bolt it back together.
  13. Hard to make a real good judgement from just pictures, but that UC doesn’t look that bad from here.
  14. Hindsight is the only way to find the good value. Cheap(er) tractors have failures, tractors just out of warranties have failures if you need something and can afford it, then buy it. This time next year may be even worse. Who knows.
  15. I’m only about 25 miles from Foley in St Joe, Missouri.
  16. I’m not that far from either location. I’ll send a PM.
  17. Maybe I should expand my search. Does anyone have a place they would recommend in southern Iowa, eastern Kansas, southeast Nebraska? Maybe a shop that’s good anywhere that I could ship to?
  18. I talked to Deere today and they said reman heads are no longer available. They are going to call tomorrow and make sure, but they said it is subbing to a new head. $9,200.00 for a brand new head with new valves, springs, and keepers already installed. I don’t like the sound of that.
  19. Precious few are the places where you can drop anything off and pick it up later knowing it is right without having to double check everything.
  20. I was unaware at the time I dropped the head off, but there is a spec for minimum head thickness. I told them I did not know the history of the engine and I did not know if the head had previously been machined, but knowing about Deere 619’s, I suspected that it had. They assured me they would check into it. They machined the head, I picked it up, thought everything was good. After having the head back to them two more times after blown head gaskets, I decided someone wasn’t doing something right. This originally was on a fresh overhaul to the tune of nearly $30,000 and the block had just been through the machine shop to make sure it was flat. After needing another overhaul because of antifreeze in the oil for I don’t know how many times I decided I just wanted a different head. I bought one from Worthington Ag parts in Audubon, Iowa and they wanted my head as a core. As soon as they got it they told me that it was scrap metal because it had been machined too many times, which is what I suspected. So nearly $50,000 of overhauls later on a $25,000 tractor the head gasket has held for over five years now. I don’t know where Worhtington Ag parts gets reman heads, but I think whoever does them at least knows what they are doing.
  21. They caused a total disaster on a Deere 619 head. That was the last time I was there. I can’t have something like that again.
  22. I have a Deere 466 engine that has a blown head gasket. It has 13,000 hours and the head has never been off. Does anybody have a cylinder head shop they could recommend in the Kansas City area? There is a place called Noland’s Cylinder Head downtown that many people use, but my last few experiences there made sure I am not going back. It’s on a 4450 tractor if that matters.
  23. I hope whoever gave the green light for extend soybeans got fired and no one ever rehires them again for their stupidity. I have never personally witnessed lying on such a grand scale by chemical companies and seed companies alike. There is no way they did not know the liability this product would place on the people who bought it. The damage that it caused and the payments that resulted from said damage was completely foreseeable. I also saw many good operators who I thought should have known better cause huge damage. No, it wasn’t from off label use. It is a bad product, from bad companies just trying to cash in before the Enlist trait came out. Pioneer pushed extend on their customers worse than anybody. It’s a wonder they have any customers left around here.
  24. The biggest problem by far is undercarriage. There were tons of IH and Allis crawlers produced. There are still a lot of them around. People who are in the market for a cheap dozer are the ones who don’t want to spend any money. The undercarriage parts that are still available for Cat could also be put on these old IH and Allis crawlers, but many people are just trying to get by without really spending any money, which is completely understandable for a hobby machine. There aren’t many direct replacement parts available, but these machines for the most part can still be fixed and should not be scrapped. It’s the same situation with old 4wd tractors. Guys will run a 4366 or something similar until the tires won’t even hold air anymore, then say it’s junk anyway and scrap it instead of putting 8 new tires on it. The real problem isn’t that the machinery is junk, it’s that previous owners have run the machine into the ground with little to no maintenance and now it shows. Unless it’s been rolled down a mountain or has been in a fire I don’t think you should scrap it. If you’re done with it someday sell it to someone who will put a D6 undercarriage on it and put it to work. Giving it to someone who will fix it is better than selling it to a scrap yard. Just my opinion.
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