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  1. I have heard it said that things that can’t go on forever, won’t. I have heard about these problems for years. How on earth could piping water from the Mississippi cause less of an environmental impact than any project done in California? This is no different than people who want pork, but refuse to have a hog barn in their neighborhood. Or the people who want power, but fight the power plant expansion tooth and nail. If they want water get it themselves. On the other hand, maybe the Midwest should consider selling the water with the same kind of stipulations that California places on pork?
  2. Just to update the thread- I called Olson’s Gaskets today. They don’t have the gaskets, but said they would make them today and ship them tomorrow. All six of them for $90. I thought that was a good price and I don’t think you could ask for a quicker turnaround than that. I told them IH DT-429 and they knew exactly what I wanted. Most people I call have this awkward silence when I mention that engine. We’ll see when they get here.
  3. We raised some double crop 89 day corn after some soft wheat years ago. We planted it on the Fourth of July. It made about 100 bu/ac. I don’t think the quality was great, but we feed it to hogs anyway. The corn and beans here are looking very good. It was too wet early, so planting was delayed. It is supposed to be almost 100 degrees here and there is good moisture. The crops are really soaking it up. The wet weather early really hurt the wheat, I don’t think it’s going to make 50 bu/ac, which is a poor yield here. If this weather holds there will be plenty of 200 bu/ac bushel corn here and very good bean yields as well.
  4. What yields can you expect from 75 day corn? I didn’t realize they had any that was that short of a maturity. 100 bu/acre? I’m guessing that revenue would be really competitive with any other crop in your area at current prices?
  5. Someone is supposed to come tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.
  6. We’ll get the environmental impact study started now. After all the protests and vandalism during the construction, the court cases, I’d say we could have it out there in about 75 years. They need to build desalination plants and quit whining about everything. I guess building the heroin dens and paying homeless people a salary is just more important.
  7. Is corn common in your area? First planted corn has tasseled here. Does that corn have time to make?
  8. Lee Greenwood The Battle Hymn of the Republic https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N9XCBNhw9JE
  9. I don’t see why you couldn’t.
  10. I’ve seen a lot of older Deere tractors with worn out pto brakes on them and owners that have just been dealing with it for years. It’s a much harder repair on them than the IH tractors of the same vintage. Some of the pto units have 10,000 hours on them and haven’t needed other work though.
  11. I am trying to put some time in on my 250 track loader in between running the sprayer. I have posted about the state of the exhaust manifold before. I’m still working on getting it off to see what is going on with the leaks. The gasket number is 315791R1 and as far as I can tell is obsolete. It is a thin piece of steel. Does anyone know where I might find 6 of them. Is the bulk gasket material a suitable replacement for this thin metal? I have the back section off and they don’t look terrible, could they just be reused?
  12. We have a 1969 C/50 truck that has the 3 piece split rims on it. There is a local place here that still will mount and dismount tires on them. They’re not afraid of them. The owner is probably in his late 50’s and had been changing tires his entire life. He’s taken at least one lock ring to the chest that I know of, but it didn’t slow him down much.
  13. I commend you for giving the eulogy at the service. That is something that I am absolutely certain that I will not be able to hold myself together to do. I have often wished I had the strength to do that for family members, but the strength to do that is just something that I do not possess.
  14. This seems like a solution in search of a problem.
  15. I guess we did about as good as you can with undercarriage maintenance costs then. How do the figures you used for a CTL compare to something like a 953 that does mostly new housing construction?
  16. Maybe @Cattech would have better information, but I have heard some contractors say that their 953’s have less undercarriage cost per hour than a large CTL. It cost more up front, but lasts much, much longer.
  17. I’d say that is pretty optimistic. I’ve had tracks that didn’t last 2,000 hours and we only run on dirt. Roller failures started on ours at just over 2,000 hours. The drive sprockets on ours were very worn at 2,500. From zero to 2,500 hours on ours it had over 5,000 in parts (no labor since we put them on) on the undercarriage and more were going to be needed pretty soon if it hadn’t have burned.
  18. I would just describe it as general farm use. We use the pallet forks a lot to unload bulk chemical, feed, and parts. We have a high capacity bucket that we use to load the vertical mixer to feed the cows. Use it to clean out cattle lots and some barns. We do a little bit of light dirt work just fixing crossings and things like that. We use a tree shear and tree puller if we have time and someone is free to run it, which really isn’t that often. I would think compared to someone digging basements it had a pretty easy life. We’ve had it seven years and it had 2,500 hours on it. That’s steady use I guess, but I know some people use them a lot more than that. Maybe my expectations were a little high, I don’t know. I think our 277 had 4000 hours on it when we bought this one and it had never experienced even close to as many problems as this one.
  19. We previously had a 277 and had very good luck with it. That’s why we bought this one. We have spent thousands of dollars in rentals since we have owned this one because of huge breakdown after huge breakdown. We now have a rental again.
  20. My brother would like to find an older Cummins powered Case with low hours. I would prefer a Deere. We have rented a Bobcat and Kubota before. They seem like decent machines, but I know we would get good service from Deere because we deal with them so much. If you’re not a big shot, which we’re not, the Cat service here was terrible. When the hydraulic pump failure happened I was never even able to get them to come out and at least help diagnose the problem. They also told us that the engine failure was from lack of good maintenance, which I thought was ridiculous. It cracked a piston and ruined the block. There have been lots of engine failures around here, which they claimed they had never heard of.
  21. Yes, it has that engine, which experienced a total failure at around 2,200 hours. The main hydraulic pump had failed last summer. It also had some almost new rollers on the undercarriage. Whatever we replace it with, it won’t be a Cat. Overall, that machine was nothing but trouble and the fire was just the icing on the cake. The fire started on the front side of the engine, ︅or possibly the back of the cab. By the time we got the cab raised up, it was too late. It’s nothing but scrap metal now. Every rubber line on it is gone and most of the steel lines melted. There’s not a piece of usable wire left. Some of the lower undercarriage has some paint left, but that’s it.
  22. My great grandfather’s house we believe was a Sears kit. Built in 1918 and probably delivered on the railroad that was still in town then.
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