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  1. I would think a 1086 would be plenty in a 13” that size, even with wet corn. I’m sure it would shear the bolt on the driveline without much effort. I have used a 4440 on a 13”x90something swing away here for years. It can put a pretty big load on it with wet corn.
  2. What country are you posting from? I don’t know what it is, but I’m not fluent in it. lol
  3. Corn harvest just getting going here. We had a corn field catch on fire in an area where we weren’t even currently running, but the grain cart was driving through. Of course the only guy on the crew who smokes and was driving the cart didn’t know how it could have started. The standing corn was too wet still to burn, so we got it out out against all odds.
  4. I hear that. I was looking forward to @Sledgehammer wishing FarmallFan happy birthday today, but I guess we don’t have to worry about that either. Seriously though, hope it gets back to normal someday.
  5. Does the military version even have an egr cooler? The local Ford dealer had some national guard vehicles in their shop a while back and they were stripped down engines. They didn’t have a bunch of the emission controls on them that I knew the consumer version did.
  6. I’m not sure if what this says is good or bad? Is it a good sign that 86 series tractor parts fit on an M or is that a bad sign?
  7. We picked some corn today. I hope I don’t get banned for that.
  8. I would think the only thing other than an scv that a hydraulic reset plow could be hooked to would be a power beyond. I’m not real familiar with a 3150, but on Waterloo built tractors they did make a coupler kit for the power beyond plate. A wood splitter would run off of that if that’s what it is.
  9. I forgot it was our town festival on Saturday. I was going to go take a look at it anyway, but my wife wanted me to help with the church float for the parade. So we compromised and I worked on the float, Lol. He said he wouldn’t be available to look at it for awhile. We’ll see what happens. I don’t think he has had much interest in it, which is a little surprising considering what he is asking.
  10. I have watched a few videos. He did a review of a Toyota Hilux truck. I thought for what it was it was pretty informative. He did his best to tear it up and ended up basically saying it was a great vehicle and everyone should buy one. He might end up saying that about a 1206. I thought it was somewhat funny on his MonsterMax 2 he put tanks on the side and labeled them as being used to haul “hater tears”. Maybe I’m just in the wrong business, I sure as heck will never make as much money as he has. Love him or hate him he’s probably more successful than I’ll ever be.
  11. My mother’s father, who was white, grew up working in cotton in the 1940’s in southern Oklahoma. His dad, if you could call him that, would hire him out to local farmers. They lived in town and did not farm, but he spent his childhood in cotton fields. He hated farming because of that and wanted me to be as far away from farming as possible. He never wanted me to farm, but I did anyway.
  12. After watching the cotton picking portion, I’m surprised that the video hasn’t been banned.
  13. I have one Cat roller that is supposed to be able to be adapted on the frame. I have not made any progress on that yet. I need to get one of the OEM rollers pulled off and see what we’ve got.
  14. I think they used to sell a different dryer for some systems depending on what refrigerant you used. I don’t think there is anything you need to do these days other than flush the system and vacuum it down real good. The last time I priced a filling a tractor with R12 was 14 years ago and just the refrigerant was going to be almost $900 then. I haven’t even thought about R12 in years.
  15. Did you get that new trans controller on yet?
  16. Those are R12 fittings with a 134 adapter. I’m sure it’s been converted or it wouldn’t have that adapter on there.
  17. Post a picture of the fitting. R134 will work just fine in a system that was originally designed for R12. My Cougar 1000 was converted to 134 20 years ago.
  18. How did you put the R134 in if it has R12 in it? It should have had R12 fittings. If it had 134 fittings, then I’m sure it has 134 already. R12 was too expensive here to replace 15 years ago. I don’t have any R12 systems left and haven’t had one for over a decade.
  19. If the beans are dry enough to pop out and the stems are green, you need another seed supplier. Sounds like the last Pioneer beans we planted.
  20. I’ve never seen that exact set up, but harrows attached to plows were common.
  21. That was an interesting read. I didn’t know any of that.
  22. What are they worth? I’m not sure, what do you think they weigh? They would be neat, but man, looks like some major projects. If you don’t have enough headaches, you will when you start trying to locate all those parts. If it’s cheap enough then go for it.
  23. It’s been my experience that every service tech knows all about square balers. That is until they’ve got one that doesn’t work.
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