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  1. I believe it’s the 24/24. I isolated the transmission side and my pressure was only upto 225psi. But it wasn’t quite to temperature so it probably would drop psi as it warmed up. I’m leaning toward the pto. I took the pressure regulator out and it looked fine. As the pto causes such a drop I am going to start there. Thanks CIHTech. Not sure how to check accumulator. Not even sure the 24/24 has one.
  2. Anyone with some experience on these tractors that could give me some guidance on how to determine where the problem might be. The low pressure is supposed to be 240-270psi, the highest I’ve seen is 200psi but when I engage the pto pressure drops to 160. The tractor will drive but will stop when you apply the brakes. Also I noticed that turning on the pto while driving will almost cause the tractor to stop moving.
  3. Hi folks. I’m having trouble with an MXU115. The owner had the local Case Dealership come over to fix its problem of weak drive and the pto not working. The mechanic did what he did, changed the charge pump and that wasn’t the problem. So now it’s at my shop, I’ve been running tests according to the service manual and the charge pressure ( low pressure) is definitely below specs. I’m trying to figure out where the high pressure leak causing both the transmission and pto pressures to be low without completely dissecting the whole tractor
  4. Hey there fellow red powers. I'm working on a MXU 115. The complaint is the tractor will quit moving when it warms up, especially when the pto is turned on. I've checked the low pressure circuit and it's only producing 200 psi at 2000rpm it should be over 246psi. when the pto is engaged pressure drops to 160psi. I took out the low press regulating valve and it looked fine, the charge pump is new since this problem started, and the hyd. filters have both been replaced. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go next. it seems to me that there has to be a pressure drop caused by a blown oring or hose somewhere in side, but how do i isolate whether i take the pto clutch out the back or split the tractor for a power shift issue. it hass a 24\24 transmission. any feed back would be greatly appreciated. thanks Traktor Dan.
  5. I’m re bearing the power shift while I have it apart. It’s only got 600 hrs on a “complete rebuild “ done by a case dealer. I’ll check out that torque limiter bulletin. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate a community of people that I can brain storm with. As a solo outfit it’s hard to get help from a dealership on technical issues.
  6. CRutt that shaft has all ready been made into a tool ?. I welded a nut on the broken end. I have to make a lot of my own special tools, so I never miss an opportunity for a “ free” tool.
  7. There is a relay and fuses. I just dealt with one did the same thing. It was a relay that wiggled loose. But there’s also three switches on the clutch pedal. If one of them quits the computer doesn’t know where the clutch pedal is. They are simple olms tests. The switches aren’t very pricey, so definitely worth trying before you get too involved in taking things apart.
  8. When I finished disassembling the C2-C3 clutches, I found a broken Belleville spring on the C2 side. My understanding is that these clutches are oil applied spring released. Could potentially have caused a drag or crooked hub that maybe caused a torque on the shaft. I also found the button bearings in the drum worn to pieces. Indicating that there was an off centre or crooked hub/shaft. Or maybe they failed after the shaft broke.
  9. The customer took it into a local Case dealer with some transmission issues. They told him they would have it fixed for $8000-10000 dollars. Well buy the time the tractor was finished they handed him a bill for $23000. Rebuilt the pwer shift and other transmission repairs. I’m not sure what else they did. He got 600hrs before something piled up. The Case dealer wasn’t going to help him out, so he parked the tractor for a few years. Recently I did a torque plate on his neighbors 2290 He was hoping that his might be same problem. I split the tractor, it wasn’t the problem. So I pulled the pwr shft. Found a broken output shaft.
  10. Hi folks. This is my first post. I run a small Ag repair shop up in Alberta Canada. So I work on pretty much work on anything that comes through the door. Lately it’s been Case IH. I just finished up a TA replacement on a 986. I read a few posts about that. They really helped. Now I’m tackling my first 2290 power shift. I can add the rest of the story in another post but for now I’m wondering about the likely causes of a broken pwr shft output shaft. What other problems am I potentially facing?
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