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  1. Almost forgot here’s a couple pics of the “skid grapple” this is definitely on the list to fix up and get usable . I doubt there are many of these that have survived the scrappers torch
  2. Ok guys here’s some progress got the boom / bell cranks / links painted and put back on , got the bucket pinned up it’s really nice to operate now that those pins are tight . Even put it to work backfilling an ditch and the machine worked great . Still would like to paint the right side fender / hood and control valve but I have a leak to fix first . Also I dismantled my parts machine and crated up and palleted the parts
  3. I have replaced busted track links many times without a press . Take a torch and cut a hole in the center of the pin on both sides cut as deep as you can and let it cool down a little this allows the pin to shrink .after this you can knock the pins out easily with a small hammer . Once it’s apart you will need to replace the link and pin usually I carefully grind the pin down a bit and drive it in with a sledge hammer and usually weld it into place . This isn’t exactly the OEM recommended procedure but I have done it many times and never had an issue with the replaced link or pin falling out o
  4. I’m happy with how the bores came out , fairly straightforward repair simply built up with weld and ground out with a cylinder shaped grinding stone while holding it as square to the boom as I could and when I was happy with the shape of the bore I drove in the bushings and welded them into place . My only concern is the pipe I used is quite soft and will wear quickly but for my use around the house it should last long enough. Here’s a pic of the grinding stone I used and a pic of the bucket pinned up and shimmed with a thick 1 1/4 washer . More pics to come I have been working hard on the mac
  5. Well I got a chance to work on the crawler today . Ground out the bucket pin bores and made some bushings out of schedule 40 1 1/4” pipe , built up the out of round with a bit of weld and welded the bushing into place . Repaired some other minor cracks and prepped for paint . Need a couple coats of paint tomorrow and I can get the boom mounted
  6. Wrestled with the loader frame today got it mounted . This is it for the next 2 weeks I’m off to the mine so I can twist wrenches and bust my knuckles even more . Here are a couple more pics
  7. I didn’t take any pics of the winch project so far . When I reassemble I’ll get some pics and post them
  8. Made some progress today pulled the bucket , tilt cylinders and boom cylinders , removed the boom and started removing the loader frame but got hung up on the last two Bolts I can’t shake them with my impact I’ll have to get back under with my 3/4 ratchet and a cheater pipe . Anyway here’s some more pics
  9. the crawler works pretty good in snow I didn’t have any issues with snow packing on the inside . But on any ice or side hill the triple grouser pads just slip Ya I found a soft spot ! I have a lot of welding repairs to do on this machine . the crawler I believe must have rolled down a mountain at some point the boom has been welded and the loader frame cracked and welded many times as well as the canopy , a lot of the repairs look like someone was learning to weld at the time . I attached a picture of the loader frame currently on the crawler you can see why I want to fix it ASAP
  10. Hey all I picked up this TD5 and most of a parts machine a few months ago and have been working on it quite a bit . So far I have adjusted the steering clutches , replaced the head gasket and repaired the leaking radiator , replaced the pump shaft seals changed all the fluids and filters , been working on the winch and fixing up the loader frame from the parts machine. Here are some pics of the machine and some of the progress I have made so far .looking forward to getting this machine up to decent running condition and I’m sure I will have many questions for the IH experts on this forum
  11. Hey guys I was able to find a manual for a gearmatic 19 online and found its very similar to the 8a . Have almost got the 8a operational just need to extract one busted off fitting and re assemble . I was able to source wheel cylinder cups seals from a local auto parts store and rebuild the master/slave cylinders . thanks
  12. Thanks I have checked the website and they don’t have the manuals for the 8a . If anyone else has a source for this that would be great !
  13. Hey all I have recently acquired a TD5 series B crawler with a Drott skid shovel and skid grapple attachment. I have been able to find manuals for the crawler and the loader but not for the 8a gearmatic winch that’s on the back . I would really like to get the winch working as I plan on using this machine to clear a fence line/backfill some low areas on my 5 acres . If anyone has a manual or knows where I can buy/ download one that would be great thanks a lot
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