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  1. Some people fill the post with a spray foam to deaden the sound. Doesn't really add any weight
  2. Combine rolled yesterday in Central WI harvesting winter wheat. Yield 55 bu/a T.W 57 Moist 13%
  3. This company is in MN. They are very welling to match what a person has. Budget Signs [mailto:budsigns@outlook.com]
  4. This is my brother Ed on our late dad's 1962 Farmall Diesel. It has the optional heavy tillage 3rd gera. Delivered new in January 1963 and it has always been in the family.
  5. You got the lends for the newer style holder. The lens unthreads in this one to change the bulb. You don't have to take the dash apart to change the bulb like the old holder Dash Warning Light with Flat Red Lens In Stock At our Michigan warehouse ABC3972 $25.99
  6. Used our late dad's 1962 560 diesel on a tractor ride Saturday. My brother Ed restored it about 10 years ago. This 560 purchased new by our late dad has never left our family!
  7. Yes find a good body man. I had a nasty dent in the one rear fender of the 1066. Can't see any trace of it anymore!
  8. L Our late dad's 1971 1066 rotary mowing hauling trails late last summer in Central WI. At the elevator with a load of beans
  9. People use these to edge flower beds, etc.
  10. Found this on Craigs List: Green Bay Wi Farm and Garden
  11. Our late dad's 1971 1066 has the 2 bolts on top. And this is a early one.
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