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  1. I do not have access to a service manual now, but I'd be interested in getting one if they didn't cost $750. Not sure I want to gamble on the CD versions on eBay, are there any trust worthy sources for less expensive manuals? If you could e-mail the relevant pages in the meantime that would be amazing.
  2. I set aside some time to troubleshoot the tractor today. Thanks for the help and suggestions! CIHTECH, both halves of the lockout switch look clean and I think it's functioning properly. The moving half rotates down and lines up with the stationary half only when I shift into 4th range. If I do this while in reverse, the tractor doesn't move when the clutch is released, but I noticed that the "shift to N" light doesn't come on. Anything else to check on this switch? I measured the resistance on all three solenoid coils on the shuttle, and they are in the 9.3-9.6ohm range. Some insulation is broken off the diff lock solenoid wires, but the wires are all intact and not making contact with anything they shouldn't be. I disconnected the forward and reverse solenoids and checked for battery voltage at the plugs. With the selector in forward I measured about 12.5V at the forward plug and 40-60mV (essentially nothing, I assumed just noise) at the reverse plug. These voltages were flip flopped with the selector in reverse. I then drove the tractor in reverse until it dropped out of gear and the "shift to N" light came on. I left the selector in reverse but took the tractor out of gear and range. At that point there was no voltage at the reverse plug. Moving the selector to neutral and back to reverse restored the 12.5V to the reverse plug. I then swapped the plugs on the forward and reverse solenoids. So putting the selector in forward drives the tractor in reverse, and vice-versa. In this scenario, with the selector in forward the tractor drives in reverse with no problems. I tried different ranges (not 4th), gears, starts & stops but couldn't make it drop out of gear. However, when I put the selector in reverse to drive the tractor forward it would drop out of gear frequently and the "shift to N" light came on. Seems to me this is some kind of electrical problem, but not sure what to check next. Any more ideas or suggestions?
  3. The tractor has F-N-R on the shuttle, and the PIN/Serial# is JJF1030255.
  4. Hi all, new to this board! I recently started using a Case 5230 that's been unused for 3-4 years. Not sure what exact year it is, but I can remember going to the dealership with my Dad as a young boy so I figure mid 90s. It falls out of gear when going in reverse fairly frequently. Doesn't seem to matter what range or gear I'm in. I'll be moving in reverse with the green reverse indicator light on, and when it drops out the green light turns off and the far-right indicator light comes on. Unfortunately, most of the indicator light covers are busted out so I'm not sure what this light says...the first and only word visible is SHIFT. All I have to do is shift to neutral and the mystery indicator light goes off, and then I can switch back to reverse and continue on. Sometimes it drops out repeatedly and takes a few neutral-reverse shifts to get going again, but sometimes it stays in reverse with no problem. So, can anyone with a 5230 tell me what the far-right mystery indicator light says or means? I learned a lot from reading a similar recent thread on this forum, and at least know where the shuttle valve and solenoids are. My shift lever has forward, neutral, and reverse. I didn't have a multimeter handy last time I was at the tractor, but will check the solenoid coil resistance the next chance I have. In the meantime, I'm hoping the indicator light provides a little more guidance on my problem. What is the solenoid on the right-hand side of the shuttle valve? Any recommendations on what to check?
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