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  1. 1965 TD9 Dozer how much side to side play should their be in the front track idler. And where is a good place to buy a rebuild kit for the front idler .
  2. I got the cover off today and put the new seal in.. 75 cents for the seal..
  3. 1965 IH TD 9 , The seal on the shifting shaft started leaking hydraulic fluid , I removed all the bolts and nuts and the two snap rings , The cover is loose but will not come off, Any ideas.. Thank You
  4. The dozer set in pole barn for about 15 years , I would like to get one out on each side just see how the lube looks. The first plug side broke of they was PB blasted for 4 days and even tried heat on them. I know the bottom track rollers are factor sealed. It]s a 1965 IH TD 9 series .
  5. Anyone have a magic trick to removing the pipe cape screws from the rollers, I sprayed PB blaster on them cleaned them off with a wire brush. HELP....
  6. I have a track top idler I been trying to get off to take in to get repaired. Any ideas .
  7. Only had the dozer about week first dozer still learning, Want to get rid of the generator and install a high output alternator , what is a good alternator to install . Thank You.
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