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  1. Hi. I've worked some on my 2090 Case transmission. One possible cause could be the range shift rails are in 2 gears at the same time. I had a broken pin on a range shift fork, leaving first gear engaged. When another gear is selected either the clutch slips or something breaks, if you don't realize immediately. You can access the range shift rails on the RH side plate. Not saying it's this, just a possibility. Dave
  2. Enjoy the weather, wherever you guys are. Last 5 days we've had -40 to -50C windchills. Warmed up to -30 now but have 30km winds. No shortage of fresh air. Having issues keeping the cattle waterers open, WITH electric heat! I think I need this so I don't complain about +30 in June,!
  3. Hey, I hope you're not low on coolant. Or getting bubbles/ compression into the coolant. I've seen guages act erratically when there's air pockets. Loose electrical connection could also cause this. Enjoy the troubleshooting!
  4. We farm just south of Fort Vermilion Alberta. So I fired up the IH engine again today. Seems to run better and even idles well. Perhaps the ATF I dumped in the diesel helped. I checked the head part number and realized the head I installed is older 8101. That explains the older style of injectors too.
  5. Greetings all from the great frozen North! New to the forum.So I've been checking some old posts on here for information. Very helpful. I've been working on my neighbor's TD 9 engine. Diesel thinned his engine oil and caused a bearing to spin in the block and another on the crankshaft. The project came with another similar seized engine, from a Gallion grader. So I've been working on it over a couple years. I removed the pistons and sleeves from the TD 9 engine, they looked good. These I installed with new rings in the Gallions block. The sleeve bore was the same even though those sleeve
  6. I'm writing the story below! Newbie mistake. Not for sale!
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