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  1. Thanks all! I appreciate the information!
  2. Hi all, I’m thinking about swapping engines in my 350 utility with the continental diesel. It needs to be rebuilt (runs but smokes bad). Parts availability and cost has me thinking of other options other than the 193. Do any other engines bolt right up? I’m open to either gas or diesel. thanks for your insight, Marcus
  3. Thank you! That gives me a good idea. I appreciate it, Marcus
  4. Thanks Tom! I’m not smelling antifreeze when it smokes but it seems like a fair amount. I will keep investigating ?. I appreciate the information!
  5. Thank you! I appreciate your insight ?.
  6. Thanks, I think I paid too much for the “$100 pump service”-LOL . The upgrade metal governor piece was $80 alone. I think I will keep it if it’s only worth $1500.
  7. Hi All, I just got my 350DU running after getting the injector pump and injectors professionally rebuilt. I need to get rid of a couple tractors and don’t see keeping this one as I need to get a subcompact with loader for my 3 acres. Starts right up, but does emit white smoke. I’m not sure if the pump timing is the problem or head gasket etc. Any thoughts on current value as I’m not sure where to start? Thanks, Marcus
  8. Hey Robert! I just sent you the brake information to your inbox! Hope this helps! -Marcus
  9. Glad I could help! I do have some information on brake adjustment. I will send it to your inbox.
  10. Hey Robert, I received my manual early! I will PM you the specs now. -Marcus
  11. Welcome!! I grew up in Spokane and now reside in the TriCities. I love Eastern Washington!
  12. Hey Robert! I just ordered a manual for the same exact tractor and it should be here this Saturday. I will send you the pic of the sequence and torque specs as soon as it arrives. -Marcus
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