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  1. I see there is a pretty good picture on wikipedia
  2. Jamison, NE. South Dakota/Nebraska state line. Kaup Implement in its day.
  3. New to this forum, thought this was a neat scene from a very small village near here, picture taken last fall and I just ran onto it.
  4. I put a new TA in sold by A&I and rebuilt by HyCapacity. It worked for a few hours and suddenly was stuck in low TA complete with freewheeling downhill. Pressures were great and I was stumped. Took it apart and as seen in one of these pictures the repair sleeve (on the mainshaft in the seal ring area) had rotated on the shaft and the oil passages were blocked. My redneck fix was to stake the shaft in the sleeve holes, a nice center punch mark so it will have a hard time turning again.Then used a die grinder to reopen the passages in the sleeve into the shaft. So far it is working fine, used it quite a little this spring. Next time one of my IH's needs a TA I will choose which brand I put in carefully and be sure and send in the warranty card.
  5. As for the rust, guess A&I or Hy Capacity would have to answer that. And I will contact you concerning a new shaft. Thanks
  6. Oh, I should have known which bushing. And responded sooner. TA came from A & I, and guess what, they aren't interested in the deal because they don't have a warranty card on fie for this T.A. We are thinking about staking the holes to the inner shaft (to prevent more turning) and reopening the holes in the sleeve in the right place. Crazy or not?
  7. Thanks Ed, I was hoping you would see this. Yes, I guess you would call them iron rings. Bushing isn't bad, but probably a little more marked than it should be for such low hours. I know you can't tell a whole lot from the picture.
  8. Oil holes disappeared. The lube hole is still there, but apparently when remanufacturing these the seal ring area is renewed by machining off the area and replacing with a sleeve with new ring grooves. And when the sleeve decides to rotate on the shaft there goes the oil holes and TA no longer works. It ran for maybe 25 hours before doing this. Anybody no any more about the rebuilding process?
  9. Compared to 886 and seems the same, takes a good push to hold the selector valve down into the direct drive position. Does over 300 psi at the steering relief plug seem excessive?
  10. One other thing. After going through the mcv I notice the ta lever barely wants to stay in direct, it almost jumps back to the ta position. Disconnecting the cable at the mcv takes care of this, it seems the spool is getting heavy spring pressure as it goes down into the mcv. May have to compare this on another tractor.
  11. TA was out when I got it. Put in new TA and all was well for I'm guessing 50 hours. First sign of problem was when I pushed lever forward and there was a slight delay, then it shifted and I thought "now that was weird". Well, next time it didn't shift at all and now is stuck on the low side and freewheels. Pressure is about 330 both lever positions and around 310 in center lever position, and at steering stops doesn't change it. Lube is 21 in all positions. Went through MCV, found nothing unusual, polished valve that was a bit sticky, didn't change a thing. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks snoshoe, found the problem. What I assumed was just a jic to sae adaper was actually a check valve, or used to be a check valve, all the innards are missing out of it as you can see by the bag tie sticking through it. It screws into the back of the auxiliary valve bracket,
  13. Thanks I couldn't figure out where that check valve was but there it is plain as day, don't even have to take the valve stack off.
  14. It does. It didn't work when the load sense line was blocked.
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