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  1. Thanks snoshoe, found the problem. What I assumed was just a jic to sae adaper was actually a check valve, or used to be a check valve, all the innards are missing out of it as you can see by the bag tie sticking through it. It screws into the back of the auxiliary valve bracket,
  2. Thanks I couldn't figure out where that check valve was but there it is plain as day, don't even have to take the valve stack off.
  3. It does. It didn't work when the load sense line was blocked.
  4. No modifications. Damage to cover was from 3 point coming up too far and hitting cover internally. I'm thinking a checkvalve isn't holding allowing pressure to the load sense line to lift the 3 pt, but this is nearly over my head. Thanks for you interest.
  5. Have looked at this very helpful forum many times, got approved to post. Here's my tractor's issue: have something you want to raise with the hydraulic remotes, and they barely work when you pull the lever, but then you notice the 3 pt is raising, and raising too far, finally it stops full up and then the hydraulic remotes work normally. But the 3pt has to stay in the too far up position. I am in the process of restoring this tractor, when I got it it had a chunk broke out of the rockshaft cover where the internal rockshaft arm came up and hit it. I put a different cover on and now think I s
  6. Have looked at this sight for years and learned a lot, I'll see what you all think of this issue. 3788 has original pfc system, not converted to gear pump. When I bought this tractor the rear frame cover had a chunk broke out where the three point came up too far and the arm inside broke it. The 3 pt seems to go up and down normally, but when I have something hooked to the auxiliary hydraulics and pull the lever for the remote, nothing happens until the three point raises clear to the top, farther then it should, then the auxiliary hydraulics work normal. I plugged the load sense line that
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