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  1. Dream job

    My dream job would be to travel this country photographing IH collections and equipment still in use out ding what they were made to do for publication in RPM or some other publication.
  2. A couple videos of Rustie working the disk

    Yeah! My seat time has been all rainy and non seat time like. Looks like it cuts very nicely. Wish I had it. Bit slow on the rise? Cylinder a bit too large? May be. But it is the old double action that came with dad's 300.
  3. A couple videos of Rustie working the disk

    Why dose it always do that ... They should be public now.
  4. A couple videos of Rustie working the disk

    I have this 9' Alice Chalmers wheel disk that I acquired a few years ago. It's no 370, but seems to be a pretty good disk. But both the H and Super H are set up with single action hydraulics. So I have never been able to pic up the transport wheels and let it work. But now with Rustie that is not a problem. So today I shot a couple video clips while I worked the garden. The long clip is from the working end. The other clip is shorter because my good camera shuts off automatically if you don't mess with the zoom every so often. Lens needed cleaned after being in sprinklers when I was with the Neese operation.
  5. More plowing stuff

    Nice job of plowing... Dad and Uncle don had harrows just like your back in the day. I think Mid-West manufactured them. Went through a cycle in this neck of the woods were everyone bought one and in a couple years they took them off and scrapped them. If the ground is dry and breaking up perfect for planting they can be nice. But if the ground is at all wet it will pretty much just comb surface and about all.
  6. ID help for last weekends auction purchases

    That War time badge is awesome!!! I had to settle for an aluminum reproduction for the nose of my 1944 H because the original is missing..
  7. Brother Bill

    Condolences to you in your loss MTO. Time may heal, But the scar is there forever.
  8. 350 vs m ?

    Dad did about the same thing. He traded his H for a 300. Bought a #8L {Long Frame} 3-14 plow to go with it. ON paper it was a 3 plow tractor. But to have the guts of the M or 400 it did not.
  9. ole three bottom ????

    Mark, The items listed would have been from a first cousin of my dad's. The house that he and his wife built in the late sixty's just down the road from me sold a few weeks ago. The new owners contacted the auctioneer to clean out and sell anything that he might find of value. He found the photos and diploma in the attic as well as some furniture. He couldn't wait to call me to tell me he had items of the family that he was selling, maybe I would be entrusted. I can't make the sale, but it would be nice if the diploma made it back around to the school or something just because you won't hardly ever find another one like it anymore. Thanks for asking about it Mark.
  10. Chapter 18 plow day

    That is one healthy 650. Thanks for the photos.
  11. HBD OTB

    Thanks guys Put a different tool box on Rustie this morning. Made my own belt pulley control rod yesterday before work. And had the fleet out for a quick photo shoot. Ladies and gentle men The Field Fresh Farmall Collection!!! Not pretty paint, but good old faithful work horses in their work cloths.
  12. Neese Farms Planting Beans Near Aroma, In.

    Last I knew they still had some red planters tucked away. But yes they have been running yellow wheeled planters for a few years now. But that is the only thing that they work in the field with that has yellow wheels. They must be satisfied with the results That they get from them. I was just informed that this planter is a Bauer planter bar.
  13. Neese Farms Planting Beans Near Aroma, In.

    Got a call From Ron Neese about a week and a half ago. The corn was going in the ground. Well work was keeping me busy and I didn't get out there right away. Though I might the first of the week and when I checked back with them on Sunday, Ron said they planned to finish corn on Monday. The put somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 acres or so in the ground in less then a weeks time. So Wednesday morning I caught up with them planting beans near Aroma. The two big units on the field cultivators together will work up 80 acres an hour.Thats good enough to keep the planter going.
  14. Putting alt. on my M?

    I have installed two kits from Charlie's Repair. One on my Super H, one on my 300. http://charliesrepair.com/electric-conversion/
  15. Hydraulic problems on Rustie the Farmall 300

    Been there done that .