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  1. Troy I was looking through my old photobucket files and came up with this Minneapolis Moline Uni combine. Enjoy!!
  2. Those two Jersey's look nice!!! Don't blame the cow for dropping a bull calf. It's the Sire's fault .
  3. Troy, Minneapolis Moline devolved the uni system and sold it for several years. Combine, corn sheller, corn picker, forage harvester, hay bailer and manure spreader were all available with the MM uni. Apparently sales were disappointing for MM so they sold the system to New Idea.
  4. What's that green stuff out in that field??? Wait could that bee a green pasture field??? It's been so long since I've see bear ground.
  5. Thanks Troy, you very well summed up and confirmed what my thoughts were. Looks like you have a fine heard of cows.
  6. Troy do you suppose that with breading the butterfat content of the average Holstein has been brought up to near that of the average Jersey? With more Holstein's in the country I can see where there would be more potential for breed improvement.
  7. That is quite an impressive straw stack Gary. It reminds me of what I have always heard about thrashing days in our community. My dad always told that grandpa was the one who operated the stacker when they were threshing. Once in a while someone would make claim that Roy {grandpa had a lazy man's job} When that was said Grandpa told the gang that anyone could run the stacker that wanted to and he'd do any other duty that needed to be done on the crew. That said, some one would respond, No Roy you stay on the stacker. You make good tight stacks that don't blow away and shed water real well.
  8. Here's a photo from Guy Fay and Andy Kraushaar's "Farmall Letter Series Originality Guide" Showint "The Jar" on a Super W6 TA Diesel. I thought you guys would enjoy it while discussing The Jar. None of our tractors ever had The Jar either. But I'm starting to wounder if there are more of them around now then ever, thanks to our reproduction parts suppliers making them so available.
  9. Loadstar, if you look at the truck at the right hand side of the photo that Gary posted, it too has a tarp over the hood. wonderful photo Gary .
  10. Roger, Matt, and Bill sum The Reaper up very well. One of the best quality posters on the forum.

  11. Ray, If I may speak out of turn. Not being one of the regular posters on this thread, but one who looks in often. Also as one who post pictures on a regular basis on other topics. It only takes a second to download a picture from this forum to your hard drive. So to post it at all you are making it available to be copied and reused by anyone anywhere. At the risk if being cruel if you have a problem with the idea that someone might download your photo's, maybe you best not post them at all. I hope you don't stop posting them though. Loadstar, that picture of the S series unloading in the e
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