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  1. Was afraid it would be in the pump. I am new to diesels. All of my other tractors have been gas. The 1066 has good compression and has air so must be fuel related. Has about 4800 hours on what I believe to be the original pump. Just got the tractor this spring. Do you think pouring cold water one the pump would help? (Brother had a Toyota Celica that liked to vapor like so we always had to keep a jug of cold water with us to poor on the engine mounted fuel pump)
  2. Haven't been on in a while. Got a lot of work done on the 1066 the last couple of months. Right now I am looking for a new muffler as mine fell off while discing and got ran over (bottom rusted out). I was reading through the old posts and most seem to agree the Stanley and Nelson mufflers are low quality and not much quieter than a straight pipe. I don't need an original muffler, just something quieter than no muffler. Are than any options besides Stanley or Nelson? Does Bermuda Ken still make mufflers?
  3. Hello all, I am having a problem with my 1066. Starts great at ambient temp and runs good. When at operating temp it will stall when I try to set it to low idle and once it stalls it will crank and not start until it cools back down. It will low idle fine when the engine is below normal operating temp. Any ideas?
  4. This one is not the taper lock as the splines have no taper to them. The steering arm is sandwiched between the lock nut on top and a large snap ring on bottom. The snap ring groove in the spindle is badly worn so the snap ring no longer stays in place allowing the steering arm to move around and wore the splines on the steering arm and the spindle. When I pulled the steering arm off the snap ring came off with the steering arm instead of staying in the groove on the spindle. I am guessing this wear is fairly common as on my 756 wfe the steering arms have been welded to the spindles and most of the tractors I have seen at auction or on dealer lots also have the steering arms welded to the spindles. Makes for a fun job when it comes time to replace the spindle bushings and thrust bearings. I went ahead and ordered a new spindle and steering arm. Will find out in a few days if I got the right ones.
  5. I bought this tractor out of SE Wisconsin. Took a few months to get it home due to weather and trouble finding a hauler. Hour meter is at 48XX though the tach doesn't work. Other than the lack of maintenance seems to be in good shape. Shifters are tight and the ta seems to work. Just trying to get it ready to go to work. Primary use will be for chisel plowing and discing. Would like to add a pto for baling hay.
  6. Both part numbers have the same dimensions listed on the website and neither one lists a spline count. I messaged tractor parts asap a few days ago but haven't received a response yet.
  7. I am going to be replacing the left spindle. Messicks lists the part number as 401768R92 which supersedes to 71785C92. Looking at tractor parts ASAP they show two different part numbers, 100848 and 104345 as replacing the 71785C92. I am thinking the 104345 is the correct one. Anyone know which would be the correct spindle to order?
  8. I am planning to convert the remote couplers to pioneer/ISO couplers. I have read some people mention drilling a hole and adding a drain line to the coupler housing. None of the instructions I have seen for the conversion kits mention this step. Could someone post some pictures and/or instructions for the drain lines?
  9. Just got internet back today. Has been out the last several days. I called it a Wheatland as that it what the seller called it. Prior to purchasing the tractor I tried researching a bit on Wheatlands as I have never heard of a 66 series Wheatland before. Seems the waters are muddy on that a bit. Have a few more pictures of the 3 point area. The quadrant appears to have never been used which is why I had thought about putting it on my 756 as that quadrant is fairly worn. Will likely leave it on this tracotr though. Don't know if I will install the 3 pt on this 1066 or not but definitely want to add a pto.
  10. My 2" socket came today so I went ahead and took the left steering arm that was loose on the spindle off to check things out. Appears the snap ring groove in the spindle is badly worn and the spline in the steering arm are worn as well so looks like I will be replacing the spindle, steering arm and the bushings in the knee assemble.
  11. Meant to get some pictures up yesterday but ended up taking a 600 mile road trip to pick up a grain drill
  12. Hello, all. I recently purchased a 1066 Wheatland (U040555) and am in the process of getting it ready to work. Has a few minor problems that need repaired like the right front tie rod being held together with a piece of wire, the left steering arm is loose on the spindle and the fuel tank shut off valve leaks. I would also like to add a PTO to the tractor. Haven't had much luck finding one locally at a reasonable price yet though. Interestingly, this tractor never had a three point yet it still has the three point quadrant and levers installed. If there is no reason to leave the quadrant and levers on this tractor I would like to remove it to replace the worn out quadrant on my 756. I will try to post some pictures once it stops raining.
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