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  1. Hi ihbill: WOW, thanks for the reply/ information on those wheels. I always thought they looked similar to the letter series tractor front wheels. This is all coming together with your information and IHCPloughman’s identification in the parts book. I’ve only seen (3) other plows, not including my (2) with these cast wheels. With your (3) and R190’s (I), I guess we know that (9) of these plows have survived. I sure there are others. I regards to the paint, I did find some white looking paint on the clutch box housing that the land wheel slips into. I took it as primer. On the whe
  2. Hi Jeff-C-IL: The sizes are 21” & 16” just like IHCPloughman suspected. I measured another one that I’m working on and the rim is 3.1/2” wide as described in the parts book. I purchased my 21” tire from Miller Tire in Ohio. I think that size was common on Ford model T cars. Attached is a picture of my 21” rim that I’m working on.
  3. Hi IHCPloughman: You answered my question - Thanks. The land wheel (21”) is PO2514 and the furrow wheel (16”) is PO2516. I dug deeper into my parts book (PO-4A) and found them. You’re correct, there isn’t any illustrations of these cast wheels. I also have another one of these plows (2-14”, No 8)that I’m working on that has all 3 cast wheels. I also found the tailing wheel in the parts book, but no illustration. Have you seen that tailing wheel alignment plate (half moon shape) with the 2 tabs? All others that I have seen have been “boxed” / “solid”. It’s the only one I’ve seen ov
  4. Hi Fred: I believe you are correct in regards to the flat iron piece on the hitch. Most get bent up pretty bad over the years. This one spent some time on the anvil to get straighten. They are shown in the parts book. This specific plow didn’t have it, but several of my other plows do. I took this one off one of my parts plows that I keep along the ditch in the back of the farm. Yes, I utilize a twist clevis on the tractor drawbar to pull. Attach is a close up picture of the hitch.
  5. Hi Dave: Attached is another picture from a different angle with my shed in the background. I just pulled it out by hand from my small workshop overhead door. I spend a lot of time out there when it’s cold outside and during the dark winter days. It came out easier than it went back in, I had to use both hands - Ha!
  6. Hello: I picked up this plow many years ago from a scrap yard. It was missing the rear wheel and colter, but the existing wheels intrigued me, as I’ve never seen this style (cast) before. I finally got around to gathering the needed parts and fixing it up this winter. Does anyone have any information about these wheels? I can’t seem to find them in my parts book. They do have IHC within the casting. I was guessing that International may have offered them as a rubber wheel conversion from steel. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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