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  1. There is also the older inserts for this sighn in the shed.
  2. Mostly tractor parts, there is a few scout parts but mostly tractor
  3. I believe this was early 1980’s if I remember right.
  4. Hey guys bought a old ih dealer a few years ago. Need to downsize the collection as it’s to much for my man cave. Here’s a partial list -21 cases (24 per case) of unopened low ash engine oil from early 1970’s I believe. -a full team ih curling knitted sweaters from the 60’s. -spring, winter jackets (some red some international blue for the trucks) -2500+ shop manuals, parts catalogues, dealer pricing binders, promotional binders, equipment manuals, etc -brand new crate v304 engine -new scout am radio still in ih box -rare postcards, dealer promotions -projecter with 5 boxes of demo days tapes, and tones of more stuff. -tall lit up dealership sign -cub cadet dealer signs -lots of new old stock 1960’s-1980’s parts. This is just a small list for what’s there. is the best thing with this large amount to send to auction or is there some large ih collectors.
  5. Hey guys bought an old ih dealership years ago and in the shed along with numerous other items there was a brand new v304 engine. I know they haven’t made them in years. Is there any interest in it as I’m letting go of some of the stuff
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