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  1. 7K_

    New to me 3488

    The rear tire's are 20.8-38. They are in pretty rough shape, they could be original. I will need to get new ones soon, I'm hoping to make it through winter but there is some big cracks in them. There is some red and black cows out in the stubble there, Angus Simmental X.
  2. 7K_

    New to me 3488

    By the way I don't know why it says hybrid on it, I have no idea where that decal would have come from. I need to get a new that says hydro.
  3. 7K_

    New to me 3488

    Here are some pictures of my 3488. My Dad had a 1066 hydro when I was growing up so it's not my first experience with a hydro. It's funny it's been 20 some years since I drove the 1066 but I keep trying to push the SR lever away from me in the 3488 to go in reverse and I have to look down to see why it won't go then remember it's the opposite. It is nice to have one again, we do silage bales and haylage bales so I had it on the bale wrapper last summer. I have on the haybuster for bedding cows for the winter and that's really nice, I used to use my magnum and at full PTO speed the slowest you
  4. 7K_

    New to me 3488

    Nice looking tractor, I bought a 3488 last spring too. Looking at your picture here it looks like you have some pretty good wear on your speed control guide and the SR lever. Is there much play with the bushing on the SR lever? I had a the same wear on my tractor so I got a new guide plat and SR lever and it made a big difference in how it performs.
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