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  1. Thanks Jim. That's on my 885 as well. Will mention it to the brother and see if it makes a difference.. Maybe that lever is disconnect and set at slow response.. Thanks again
  2. Ya I asked this question before but thread must have got lost. The hitch latched or not does not affect the speed that it drops.. Will look into the drop response lever. Thanks for reply.
  3. Hi, my brother has a Case 4230, the lift/arms are very slow to go down even with weight on them, they go up at a normal speed and has no problem lifting. He has changed hydraulic filter. Just wondering if anyone came across this before or know what might be the problem. Thanks Noel
  4. Sorry my mistake.. Ya they are similar to the 84 series. Cheers for advice..
  5. Thanks for replies..my tractor is an case 885xl. Both tanks are under cab and below the injector pump.. There is no electric pusher on this model. In previous Post I was first on about the hand primer pump on the fuel line going to the injector pump, I replaced that on it and it seems to have stopped the fuel going back over night.. The question I asked was about the Bosch injector pump. I adjusted the run position on the shut off control, i adjusted the locknut to allow it to open further, tractor seems to have more power. Was just wondering if by adjusting the run position on the injector pump can it do any damage. I dont think it could, but thought I'd ask. Thanks
  6. #Snoshoe.. As a result of you post about the check values in primer I replaced mine.. Made such a difference... Old one was letting diesel back over night. Just a question... I adjusted the stopper position when tractor is running. Opened the locknut and adjusted the run position. Tractor seems to tick over nicer and has more power.. Just wondering is there a setting as to how far you can adjust the run position on the stopper too and I take it you cant do damage to injector pump as your just adjusting the flow of fuel?
  7. Was wondering what stopped the fuel from returning to tank over night.
  8. Hi, you could put a non return valve on fuel line and that should prevent the need to prime it... Just wonder J-Mech if the injector pump has a non return built into them when the fuel tanks are lower than pump, or is that the reason why they need to be primed?
  9. Noel


    That's perfect. Thanks J-Mech.
  10. Noel


    Hi, yes I was thinking the same thing about the injector pump being weak when I reconditioned injectors. The tractor seems to be starting faster now but I did put a faster turn starter into it at the same time.. Weather in Ireland has got colder last few days.. I was having the problem when it started it, that if I slowly pushed in the stopper/cold start to idle it would cut out as I pushed it in.. But the last two mornings and the weather has got colder I found that if I pushed in the stopper from cold start position to idle fast it runs perfect at the idle position.. Dont know if that makes sense to you as you read it or if the pump is suppose to work like that. So what I'm saying is.. If I push stopper in slowly the tractor wants to cut out after starting when cold. But if I push it in fast to idle position it runs perfectly. It seems just before the idle position on the pump it wants to cut out when cold..
  11. Noel

    Heater problem

    Sorry I thought you were on about the heater for starting the tractor
  12. Noel

    Heater problem

    I know the heater plug has just a live going to it cause the heater is earthed when screw in the tractor. So I take it the switch would have a live in and out to Heater/glow plug and when u flick the switch the current flows..
  13. Noel


    Ya for about 20 seconds. Cheers for advice...
  14. Ya I understand what u mean. I had the bottom of an old injector to get it lined up with them bottom of block/top of head and the piece I made sat down tight against the old injector .. But ya I understand how I could have damaged the sleeve by tapping it down from the top.. Hopefully I won't need to use it again ?
  15. Hi, I made one to put in the sleeve on my case 885xl. I got a piece of round aluminium, parallel turned it on lathe so it could fit into the sleeve tight enough and left a shoulder on at top slightly less than diameter at top of sleeve so that when your hitting it home and its not going to get stuck in the block of engine. Added pics. Hope that helps. Don't know if that's the proper way but it worked sound for me. Had to replace two sleeves.
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