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  1. Gonna try to get it running just because I’ve always thought it was cool
  2. Lol I doubt anyone would want it but ya never know!!
  3. The radiator is still full of antifreeze after sitting so long I’m probably going to get it going and see how it works my D6 is an 86 it always starts and always works
  4. I have no idea. It’s on our family ranch it’s been sitting there since the early 80s I know about five years before my grandpa died he started it and let it run but other than that I’ve never messed with it.
  5. This dozer has been sitting for awhile now. I’m not sure what to do with it since I have a D6 cat....
  6. I’m not sure if it was cab or not originally that’s why I started this thread for information about it. And I know what you mean about the Texas sun we have a John Deere my grandfather bought new with 1,000 hrs that looks like crap because it was always in the sun !!
  7. I knew the previous owner both tractors have very low hours because he only owned 22 acres and he mainly used the 1175 because it had a working ac
  8. She works her ass off on the farm, she just doesn’t want them to sit and rot like some of the others I have. That’s why I’m asking for information on this one so I can decide what I want to keep and what to let go of....
  9. I’m in west central Texas most Everybody here runs John Deere I’m not sure why
  10. So what’s it worth? My wife want me to sell a few of the older ones that never get used. I have this one an 1175.
  11. I know the old man that owned it he had 22 acres he farmed (mainly as a hobby) with it and a 1175 which I also bought. I know he had some work done on the transmission about a year before he passed but not sure what was done. I know everything works after sitting for so long I was extremely surprised !!!!
  12. I have a newer case it’s only used for ripping. Not sure what I would use this one for except pulling a smaller disk. I keep reading about “black stripe” tractors not sure what the difference is and if this is a real one or not.
  13. I was thinking about keeping it because It only has 3,600 hours on it and it runs way better than the Deere’s I have but honestly I know nothing about this tractor. Are they any good?
  14. I found this 1466 ih that sat for years, I made an offer on it thinking about flipping it not sure about year model or what it’s worth. I serviced it, filled it with diesel and it fired right up in 20 degree weather. Serial number is 2650134uo31116 it’s on the right side by the transmission filter housing. Any help would be appreciated.
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