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  1. ok thanks binderoid ill try that
  2. I recently bought d350 I'm now in the middle of overhauling but the previous owner pulled the engine with the head off by the head studs and bent two of them. I was just wondering if anyone made new studs or if someone has any nos studs
  3. I gave them the year and model of the tractor, engine model, tractor serial number, and part number for the filter housing
  4. Thank you J-Mech and Rainman the dimensions are right, I don't know how the guys at case couldn't find it
  5. Hi, I just got finished overhauling a 54 super wd9 and I'm having trouble finding an oil filter for it, the number on the old one is worn off. I took the old one to my local case dealer and they couldn't find a part number for it. do any of you know the part number and where I could find a filter. The pictures are of the filter that was in it. Thanks
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