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  1. Hi I have a 1935 Farmall F12, and my brother was looking at it while we were working on another project and noticed it has a uncommon front bolster he called a skeleton bolster and also said he has never seen this type of single front wheel. I was wondering if anyone knew why this tractor has a different bolster and if anyone has seen a single front wheel like this one and is the narrow front factory or aftermarket. I was planning on selling it this spring but if its something special I might just keep it. Thanks
  2. Josh123


    What would it be worth, I have the left side to
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    Hi I just bought a box of tractor parts and I found this trim in the box. I don't think its for a tractor. I was just wondering if anyone recognized what its off of.
  4. Sorry for getting back to you so late Farmall 1466 but my email is warrenjoshua650@yahoo.com thanks
  5. Josh123

    F12 Magneto

    I recently purchased a 1938 Farmall F12, the tractor seems to run ok but the magneto that's on it does not appear to be the correct one. The linkage for the spark advance /retard is just hanging and theres an on/off switch with a single wire running to the magneto. Does anyone know if this is a updated replacement or what this is off of.
  6. Sure I'd like to look at the service manual for these pumps
  7. I picked up these two injection pumps on an auction for cheap, The one with paint on it is locked up and the rusty one turns so far and stops. I was just wondering if they would be worth getting rebuilt or if they should be used for parts. I was also wondering if anyone could read the serial numbers and tell what the pumps would have went on.
  8. Rustred if you could post the case ih part number that would be great.
  9. ok thanks binderoid ill try that
  10. I recently bought d350 I'm now in the middle of overhauling but the previous owner pulled the engine with the head off by the head studs and bent two of them. I was just wondering if anyone made new studs or if someone has any nos studs
  11. I gave them the year and model of the tractor, engine model, tractor serial number, and part number for the filter housing
  12. Thank you J-Mech and Rainman the dimensions are right, I don't know how the guys at case couldn't find it
  13. Hi, I just got finished overhauling a 54 super wd9 and I'm having trouble finding an oil filter for it, the number on the old one is worn off. I took the old one to my local case dealer and they couldn't find a part number for it. do any of you know the part number and where I could find a filter. The pictures are of the filter that was in it. Thanks
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