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  1. Ray54, what carb ia on it now? I dont think the one im rebuilding is factory either. If i run into issues with it ill probably pick up a rebuilt holley 2300 for a couple hundred bucks but holding off for now because ill probably need a hydrovac and some odds and ends first. I live very close to two aggregates and ill have to pull a prettt steep grade to get up out of town and up to my property and want the warm and fuzzy of good brakes.
  2. Ive been wanting a grain truck or dump for a while now... i have a couple 3/4T pickups and a tractor w front loader but at the end of the day you still need a shovel. Picked up the Loadstar and its my first dive into IH with the exception of an old deep freezer lol. It has a mv404, 5speed and two speed rear axle. Ill drive it for fun and to haul gravel and dirt. So far its been fun except tracting down parts and info. Right now im rebuilding carb and working thru some wiring mess.
  3. Weg85

    The Dog Thread

    The boys, Doug and Leroi.
  4. Does anyone have the oem or aftermarket pn for a distributor cap. Mv404 w/holley gold box Thanks
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