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  1. Thanks all for the help and advice. I added an additional 2.5 gallon hyd oil and had steering the moment I started it. Thanks again
  2. So it does have the MCV but it is different on the Hyros. Only info I can find on MCV's is for the Non-Hydro's.
  3. I was going to try the overfill trick. It does have a new IH filter.
  4. My dad's 826 steers exactly the same way when it is cold. If you can get the oil warmed up enough, it will start working. But this has nothing to do with cold. Now I'm concerned about the MCV.
  5. Surly I'm not the only one to experience this problem.
  6. And I agree, it about has to be some sort of airlock. It was fine till replaced the hyd filter Traveled 20 miles and didn't notice Leake till I arrived at destination (paint shop). Steering was still working fine when I got there. Started and moved a couple times since and then steering failed.
  7. I did try that. Both auxiliaries, PTO 2 point arms.... no change.
  8. I have a 1026. It ran low on hydraulic fluid. About 8 gallon low. Now after topping off level, I can not get my steering back. Turn hard both ways. But seems even harder to the left. I even lifted front off the ground and steered lock to lock many times but didn't get any better. Any ideas?
  9. Cab is off. IMO looks much better.
  10. I just bought #7895 No gold Pacific Junction, Iowa
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