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  1. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Jere, Sorry for the loss, Thoughts and prayers
  2. Deal breaker!

    wound up buying an IH S1800 off ebay in Kentucky once. Woud up being the only bidder (that worried me), seller had stated if didn't want it no fowl. Drove 3 hours with dad to getit as it was advertised as being DOT ready and in great shape///// got there and it was the biggest pile of junk I had ever seen,,,,, both exhaust manifolds broke in half smoked like a freight train,, bald tires... Would've cost several thousand dollar to even get it close o being legal. Told him so and walked away. He filed a claim against me on Ebay that I won
  3. List of Serial Numbers being kept track of

    that's why you can also pm us your numbers, especially for those who don't want every tom dick and harry knowing what they have..
  4. Trying to raise the money Ed..
  5. International DTA 360 questions

    are there anymore up for grabs by chance??????? Cougar766
  6. got a set I'd sell for $300


    I'm in Amo Ind 46103


    love ya,,,,,,, dad

  8. Left hand PTO lever 56/66 cab tractor.

    I have an extra left hand from a 66 series cab
  9. spring plow day?????

    hey guys just wandering if there is going to be any spring plow days close to me here in central Indiana???? Yes I am getting the itch really bad and so is my son....
  10. 766 Coming Along

    do I have any info on the old girl for the registry on here can not wait to see the finished product... missing the canopy on my LADY
  11. Ih gas v8 into 706

    I agree Doc as I have a 97 and she pulled good until my turbo went at 300K and my 2003 runs like a dream and has all the power a pick up should have
  12. Ih gas v8 into 706

    Ed, I might have an old M that I want too put an idi 6.9/ 7.3 into
  13. Chapter 33 plowday pics

    what's the info on the 766, do I have it for the registry???? Sadly my son and I had to miss it,
  14. hey Wilson! happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday to one and all
  15. what's been going on guys

    hey guys I'll be around more as I'm single again and can devote more time too my hobby or is it a disease.... lol. so how has everyone been doing
  16. what's been going on guys

    Bill, Thanks for the offer, if you haven't done it yet when is it and where. This is a great photo
  17. what's been going on guys

    Tony, I've been divorced for two years now (she cheated on me with her Then I started dating a local gal and fell in love and asked her to marry me and that's the one that didn't work out sadly. But you are right there is life afterwards and my kids are keeping me sorta busy... at least they are not leaving me alone haha.
  18. what's been going on guys

    what's going on Shawn? how have you been?
  19. what's been going on guys

    thanks guys. Yes MTO wallet is yes she took up all my free time and sadly I let her.... she left me a few weeks ago when she accused me of cheating on her by talking to the opposite sex including my daughter. I love her with everything I had and I miss her but I have to move on.
  20. Sharp lookin restored IH 766

    they are damn fine tractors.....coarse I may be biased from the years of having the LADY never fail me
  21. Northern Indiana Chapter 33 Plowday

    looks like another great time that I missed. Thanks for the pictures BJ
  22. List of Serial Numbers being kept track of

    sound good I'm doing the 766's PM me or email David